Adventures in Excellence:
Primary Care Takes on the Ropes Course

by: Claudia Dawn Hoffmann

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It was a sweltering summer day with a heat index of about 100 degrees on June 25th when Primary Care Residents encountered the ECU Ropes Course. Despite the heat, spirits were high and the residents seemed to enjoy their time together. The activities encountered on the ropes course are designed to allow participants to assume their natural roles building teamwork and comradeship as they work together. For our first year residents it was their first time problem solving with one another. The Generalist Physician Program has sponsored the Primary Care Ropes Course for the past three years.

Primary care residents lend one another support while
negotiating the "wild woozey."

First year residents work together to avoid
landing in the "acid pit."

Rich Szabo prepares for the trust "fall."

With great care, first year residents pass Dr. George Poehlman,
Family Medicine Residency Program Director, through the spider web.

The Tree-tops Club, from left to right: Babek Behta,
Jill Burns, Jennifer Gregory, Ray Mason,
Kevin Talton, Kusi Fordjour, Rob Baker,
Preston Waters, Sallie Sturdevant, Kevin Yow.

Tara Pernot is happy to have
both feet on solid ground.

Residents relax in the cool comfort of the
Primary Care Banquet at Ironwood

Kelly Philpot scaling a mighty oak.
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