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The Hobgood Clinic is a health screening and education program offered free of charge to the residents of Hobgood, North Carolina. Medical Student Volunteers from the Brody School of Medicine team up with the undergraduate students of the North Carolina Student Rural Health Coalition to provide quality health screening, health education, and health counseling to Hobgood's residents. The clinic is held the first Saturday of every month throughout the calendar year at the Thomas Shields Community Center in Hobgood, North Carolina.

On site evaluations include blood pressure screening, vital signs, history, physical examinations, whole blood glucose, cholesterol/triglycerides, urinalysis, KOH and wet prep microscopy, hematocrit, peripheral blood smear examinations and cell estimates/morphology. A limited amount of medication is available for supplementing the patient's previously prescribed regimens.

This clinic provides each student volunteer with the opportunity to learn while providing assistance to a community in need. Senior medical students can earn credit for assisting at the Hobgood clinic as an elective. The clinic operations are administered by secondyear medical students, in cooperation with Dr. Nina Sehgal, Medical Advisor and the NCSRHC.


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