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"Academic challenge. The personal satisfaction that comes from caring. The convergence of science and humanity. These qualities are at the core of the most basic definition of "doctor." They are also the traits that internists most commonly say attracted them to selecting medicine's largest single specialty as their careeer."

"General internists account for more than 40% of the primary care physicians in the country. They are the highest paid of the primary care specialists."

excerpts from Meet Internal Medicine, published by the American College of Physicians

The Internal Medicine Interest Group is a medical student-directed organization sponsored by the Department of Medicine. The group meets regularly each year from August to April to provide opportunities for students to learn more about the field of Internal Medicine, as practiced by primary care internists or subspecialists. The group's student leaders organize the meetings around a variety of topics of special interest for students at all levels of training. Past guest speakers have included internists practicing in the community as well as nationally-recognized educators in internal medicine. One of the group's past activities was organizing a Residency Recruitment Fair that brought in representatives from several internal medicine residency programs in the southeastern United States.

All medical students are encouraged to participate in meetings and other activities. Public announcements of upcoming group activities are made via flyers and the Student Affairs Activity Calendar.

For more information please contact
the Department of Medicine's Office of Educational Affairs at 919-916-4126.
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