First Semester in Residence   Take comprehensive qualifying exam 
  Take courses in general areas of interest
  Identify area of research interest and major professor 
  After discussions with major professor, begin to research specific thesis topic 
  With the help of your major professor, work out a plan for taking necessary, thesis-related courses 
Second Semester (1st Spring) in Residence   Take Geol 6900 (Manuscripts) and other advisor-approved courses 
  Deal with any deficiencies identified by the qualifying exam
in consultation with major professor
  Write thesis proposal 
  Prepare for summer research program 
Third Semester in Residence   Take advisor-approved courses 
  Complete data-gathering phase of research 
  Begin writing thesis 
Fourth Semester in Residence   Check the current academic calendar for last day to submit thesis 
  Complete course work, if necessary 
  Register for Geol 7000 (thesis) 
  Complete 1st draft of thesis by mid-semester (or earlier!) and give to major professor for review revise and re-revise thesis, as necessary 
  When okayed by major professor, give thesis draft to committee 
  Revise as necessary
  Consult with committee to schedule defense (at least two weeks in advance) 
  Prepare visuals for defense 
  Defend thesis
  Final revisions of thesis (be careful to follow the Graduate School guidelines carefully!) 
  Turn in signed "Closure of Research Space Form" 
  Get all signatures 
  Turn in signed thesis to graduate school