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Geology Resources

North Carolina Geology

North Carolina Geological Map - Interactive Map of NC
North Carolina Geological Survey - State Survey Organization
Duke University - Department of Geology
NC State University - Earth Sciences
UNC - Chapel Hill - Department of Geology
UNC - Wilmington - Department of Geology
UNC Systemwide Field Camp - Summer of 2002

Geological Resources

US Geological Survey - National Geological Organization
Geological Organizations - List of Various Geology Organizations
Career Resources - Looking for a Job?
Geological Time Scale - Interactive Historical Lesson
Geological Glossary - Dictionary of Geological Terms

Geographic Information Systems

Census Bureau - Tiger Mapping Service - Maps
North Carolina Geographic Data Clearinghouse - Maps
Environmental Systems Research Institute, Inc. - More Maps

GeoScience Site Indices

Geology & Geophysics - Resource List (by Yahoo)
Hydrology - Resource List (by Yahoo)
Oceanography - Resource List (by Yahoo)
Paleontology - Resource List (by Yahoo)

Weather Related Sites

Paleoclimatological Record - Past Climate Changes
Snow and Ice - Snow and Ice Cover Information
NOAA Home Page - Your Official Site for Weather


ECU Geology College of Arts & Sciences ECU Home Page