Birgit Jensen 2015

Birgit Jensen. Thanks for visiting our website. I am originally from Germany, having lived in Duisburg, Niebüll, Liebenau and Nürnberg before immigrating to the United States in 1979. I was studying linguistics at the University of Florida when I was offered a tutoring position in the Intensive German program there. Teaching was electrifying and I soon switched my major to German literature, never regretting a minute since then. I love my work!

In my research I seek to find the voice of those often not heard: in the literature by or about medieval lepers, children in the nineteenth century, German Jews during the Baroque era, the student outsider with a Fascist father. Right now I am most interested in the autobiographies of working people in German-speaking countries of the late nineteenth century – truly remarkable texts with disturbing, sad, and sometimes even triumphant stories of individuals who did not want to be mere “cogs in the machine.”

In addition to my duties in the German program, I have also served as the College's official Fulbright Program advisor. I live in Greenville with my husband, also a professor at ECU, and my children Erika (born in 2000) and Jack (born in 2004) whom we are raising to be bilingual.

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