Kestra James

Grüß Gott!

My name is Kestra James and I am a sophomore at ECU. Currently I am a double major in German and English Literature. I think the main reason why I started to study German was because I have family there and I felt the need to be able to communicate with them, in both English and German. However, my interest in German developed into much more than just learning the language, and I soon fell in love with the culture. 

My overall best experience with the German Program so far was in the Spring of 2016. A group of German students went to Germany to help with the Refugee Crisis in Munich. Just helping the refugees and listening to their stories really made me become passionate about helping people in difficult or dangerous situations. Since the trip I have become a better and more considerate person and I can only thank the ECU German Progam for it. Since coming back from Germany, I have been introduced to so many more leadership opportunities to help people in the local community. I plan to continue to provide service to humanity, by becoming a professor and then eventually creating a non-profit organization, which focuses on educating and providing shelter to people who are from war-torn countries. 

My name is Orly Maldonado and I am a Senior at ECU. I am a German and Chemistry double major and have studied a semester abroad in Freiburg, Germany. German would be my third language because I actually also spoke Spanish growing up. Some of my hobbies include soccer, travelling to different places, and sometimes just simply reading a good book. 
After my Bachelor's degree, I aspire to go to medical or graduate school (maybe in Germany, since it's free). I would be glad to answer any that you may have, especially about studying abroad, which is an experience that I would recommend to everybody.

Anthony Razov

I am Anthony Razov and I study Molecular Biology and German. German is an integral part of my life because I am planning to complete a Ph.D in Molecular Biology in Germany. Without German, I would not understand the culture and beauty of the country I now reside in. My favorite part of the German program is the amount of freedom and support I was given by the faculty and how well I was educated in German and German culture, which provided a great framework to further my German in Germany. The German program has always been entertaining and informative through their events that include great cultural lessons and fun.

I am currently studying abroad in Heidelberg and interning at the prestigious European Molecular Biology Laboratory. After Heidelberg, I will be completing another internship at the Max Planck Institute in Dresden. Both internships will provide a selective advantage for their respective Ph.D programs without the completion of a Masters and are considered superior to an Ivy League education. The study abroad program in Germany has made me happier than I have ever been. I am learning amongst the world's best and brightest, while enjoying such an enthusiastic and beautiful culture. Germany understands the importance of progress and the physical and mental well-being of its citizens.

Besides my scientific goals, I have also been active in the field of politics. As German Club President at ECU, I have spearheaded the fundraising for enough money to send 11 students and Dr. David Smith to Munich for one week, in order to understand more about the refugee crisis occurring in the world. The experience has been life changing and our group became great friends with some of the residents in Munich. In the future, I plan to continue participating in the political arena to represent those less fortunate. German opens many doors for the future and I highly recommend beginning your journey at ECU, where you are supported and welcomed by the German program faculty and community.

Bennett Yeargan

My name is Bennett Yeargan and I am a junior studying Accounting with a double major in German. I began studying German in high school and loved learning the language and learning about the culture, so I decided to stick with it. The German program at ECU has given me so much to be grateful for in my two and a half years here. I've gotten the chance to study in Berlin for a month, spend a week in Munich volunteering with refugees, and along with those opportunities the German program holds events all the time that help me advance my knowledge of the language and culture.

I plan to use German after college, and I'm confident the ECU German program has prepared me to be successful in my endeavors. I hope to work for an international company that has needs for my language skill set, and offers to send me abroad to work. The German program at ECU has been a valuable part of my professional and personal development in college, and I hope it has such a positive effect on everyone who wants to be a part of the program.

Abraham Hernandez

I am Abraham Hernandez and I am majoring in B.S. Information & Computer Technology, with German as my minor. I study German because it is an interesting language, and I like the rich culture.  My favorite part of the German Program at ECU are the professors.  All of the professors are helpful and friendly even if you are not enrolled in their class.  They are all energetic and passionate about German so that, naturally, it makes the students just as passionate and energetic as the professors.  My other interests are playing soccer, playing video games, and hanging out with friends.  If you come to ECU, you should consider taking German here because there are many German courses one can take here, and because the professors here are truly amazing.

My name is Richard Bjork and I am an Economics and German minor. I was born in Atlanta, Georgia, but moved to North Carolina when I was very young and have lived here ever since, in Cary and Morrisville. One of the craziest things about starting college was the fact that even though I felt like I had a good idea of what I wanted to study, I still had absolutely no idea. I was accepted into ECU as a History Education major but after about a semester changed it to a Business major. The next following year I switched to Economics and picked up a minor in German (which could become a Major very soon).


As a student I mainly spend my free time doing things completely opposite from that of anything school related. In high school, I was in a rock band, in college I like to play old video games like Pokemon (that may or may not be because I’m starting to feel old). The rest of my time goes towards my brotherhood, Delta Sigma Phi, in which I am an active member. I joined the German club last year and it has been my favorite part of ECU so far and I cannot wait to see where I go from here when surrounded by such a quality group of peers. 


My name is Hunter, and I am from Charlotte, N.C. I have been studying German since the 6th grade, leading me to pursue German Studies as my undergraduate major. I studied abroad in the year 2015 in Mannheim, Germany and wouldn't trade the friendships or experiences I gained for anything. After completing my undergrad, I plan on studying International and Security Studies at ECU. I hope to ultimately land a job working for the government abroad or internationally. Studying German at ECU provided me with the life skills needed to mature, grow and individualize myself for the future, and I hope to share my knowledge with others around the world. 

Amber Halle Nobles

My name is Amber Halle Nobles, and I’m from Farmville, NC. I’m planning on majoring in International Business and German. I study German for numerous reasons, one being they are a world power in business, and another is that I know a lot of Germans, and some of them have been in my life since I was born. My favorite part about the ECU German program is the opportunities it provides. In March 2016, I was one of the lucky few who were selected to help the refugees in Munich, Germany. I hope to work for a business doing International Marketing, or at a US Embassy/Consul.

Iman Schnelle

I am Iman Schnelle and my major is Criminal Justice, with two minors in German and Security Studies. I study German to further my understanding of the language, so when I go to Germany one day I will be well prepared. In the future, I plan to get my masters in Germany and hopefully live there again. Some other interests that I have outside of the university are hiking, hanging out with friends, and exploring new restaurants.

My favorite part about the German Program at ECU is the enthusiasm the students, who are not native Germans, show for the language. I love seeing other people interested in German. Also, the professors make it feel as if you are back in Germany because they keep many traditions alive.

The program offers many opportunities. Last semester, for example, I was inducted into the German National Honors Society and am very thankful for that. I recommend taking German here at ECU, because the program a genuine community that loves to explore the German culture and traditions. Also, if you have never been out of the country and want to experience different perspectives, join the program - German culture is very different!

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