Pete - German Alumni Profile 2016


Zur Zeit wohne ich in Baltimore mit meiner Frau, meiner Tochter, und meinen vier Tieren, und ich arbeite für die Regierung. Manchmal treffe ich andere Leute mit der Baltimore German Language Meetup Group, damit ich mein Deutsch noch verbessern kann. Das ECU-Deutschprogramm hat mir oft geholfen, als ich nach einer neuen Arbeitsstelle gesucht habe. Deutsch hat mir meine erste Stelle in DC finden geholfen, und viele Firmen finden mein Deutsch sehr interessant. Deutsch gibt mir ein Leg Up sozusagen. Meine beste Erinnerung ist mein Austausch in Deutschland. Ich denke sehr oft an mein Jahr in Deutschland. Ich bestärke Leute, die in Deutschland studieren oder einen Austausch machen wollen. Es wird dich eine vollere Person machen.

Sarah - German Alumni Profile 2016


Since I graduated in 2015 with a double degree in German and Chemistry, I started graduate school at the University of Texas at Austin in pursuit of a PhD in Chemistry. I hope to one day work for a company that excels at providing affordable health solutions, many of which have headquarters in Germany (Bayer, Merck, Siemens, etc.). The German Program at ECU prepared me for international communication and cooperation, not only with German speakers, but with many people with diverse cultures and backgrounds.

Lindsey - German Alumni Profile 2016


At the moment I am a leasing consultant for Camden Property Trust. Previously I was sales and marketing for a pharmacy. The German major influenced me in many ways, but the most significant was my confidence in public speaking. No other program encouraged as much discussion, debate, and dialogue as my German classes. Nothing is set in stone with my future plans, but I definitely want to go back to Germany and the Czech Republic. My favorite memory of the German program? Definitely the Christmas parties at Frau Jensen’s house! I feel like that is where our classes bonded the most.

Drew - German Alumni Profile 2016


Wie hat das Deutschprogramm dein Denken beeinflusst? Nach dem Deutschprogramm ist mein Denken mehr global. Ich sehe die Welt durch die Linse meines Landes und auch die Linse eines Europäers. Was sind deine Zukunftspläne? Ich werde nach Europa ziehen und verfolge eine Karriere. Was ist deine beste Erinnerung an das Deutschprogramm? Meine beste Erinnerung an das Deutschprogramm ist der Deutschklub, weil wir über aktuelle deutsche Themen sprachen.

Julie - German Alumni Profile 2016


Ich bin high school Deutschlehrerin und kann deshalb mit Stolz sagen, dass Deutsch an ECU zu studieren eine der besten Entscheidungen war, die ich je getroffen habe. Die tollen Professorinnen und die Gelegenheit ein Jahr in Deutschland zu studieren haben mich stark beeinflusst. 

Michelle - German Alumni Profile 2016


Ich bin seit 2013 selbstständige Sprachtrainerin. Ich unterrichte Englisch und Wirtschaftsenglisch hauptsächlich bei Firmen in und um Bamberg in Deutschland. Das Programm hat mein Denken beeinflusst, insofern dass ich andere Sitten, Meinungen und Denkweisen entdecken konnte. Das Programm hat ermöglicht, dass ich ein Auslandssemester in Deutschland verbringen durfte, und später als Berufstätige immer wieder nach Deutschland für Fortbildungsseminare reisen konnte. So lernte ich andere und mich selber besser kennen. Meine beste Erinnerungen waren einfach die Zeiten mit den anderen Studierenden, die wir im Unterricht verbracht haben. Wir waren wie eine kleine Familie und die Gruppe von 5-8 Leuten hat mich mein ganzes Studium begleitet. Letztendlich hat das Program mir mein ganzes Leben jetzt ermöglicht. Ohne das ECU Deutschprogramm hätte ich kein Deutsch gelernt, dann wäre ich nicht mutig genug, um nach Deutschland auszuwandern, dort Arbeit zu finden und meinen Mann kennenzulernen. Danke Euch!!

Michael - German Alumni


I am currently pursuing a M.A. in Auslandsgermanistik/Deutsch als Fremdsprache at the Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena. I can most certainly say that without the superb preparation I received at ECU, I would not be who I am now. During my time at ECU and with the full support of the German Program, particularly Dr. Twark and Dr. Jensen, I was fortunate enough to receive a scholarship from the DAAD. This scholarship enabled me to study at the Freie Universtität in Berlin for one year. This immersive experience set me upon the path of language instruction and helped lead me to where I am today. This remains, to this day, one of the accomplishments of which I am most proud and a constant reminder that anything can be accomplished with foresight and dedication. I hope to very soon begin teaching English and German at different language institutions across the world and consider myself fortunate to have been in contact with the wonderful faculty of ECU’s German Program.

Sean - German Alumni


Currently I am working at BSH Home Appliances Corporation in New Bern, NC as a Senior Buyer. I have been working there for going on 7 years immediately following my graduation from ECU. It is the ECU German program that catapulted my career starting with a tour of the Dishwasher factory followed by an interview partially in German several weeks later. My best memory of the German program is the activities that took place outside of the classroom proving how tight knit a group that we had, and the value the professors placed on that.

A.J. - German Alumni


1) At the moment, I am a part time English instructor to German speakers for Rosetta Stone and I work full-time as a German correspondent for an international company called Navex Global. My responsibilities include interviewing German speakers about their working conditions, writing reports about those conditions, and ensuring the information is forwarded to the necessary person for resolution. 2) The German program changed my thinking by showing me first that there's a world outside of North Carolina. In my third year I did an exchange year in Freiburg, Germany. This was my first time outside of the US more than just a few days. I met a lot of amazing German people who defied the stereotypes. For example, I found the German people to be very guest friendly, warm, open, and open. I enjoyed my time so much I went back a year later and stayed five years. 3) My favorite memory of my the German program was my very first day of class. I was brand new to college, didn't know what to expect, and it was 9 am. Frau Jensen came into the room so happy and eager to teach us German that I knew I would stick with German in some capacity until the end of my studies.

Tim - German Alumni


Das ECU-Deutschprogramm hat meine Welt eröffnet zu einer Perspektive, die ich sonst nie kennen gelernt hätte. Ich arbeite in Frankfurt als Investment Banker und spiele German American Football in Deutschland als Quarterback für die Homburg Sentinels. Deshalb war ich schon 2x im deutschen Fernsehen bei dem Talk-Show-Master Tamme Hanken auf kabel eins.

Christi - German Alumni


I graduated in 2015 with a German major, English Linguistics minor, and TESOL certificate, and I am currently back in Germany working on my MA in English Linguistics. After I finish my degree here in Tübingen, I would either like to teach English to German students at a higher level, or become an editor for an English column (or something similar) for a German publisher. I am so honored to have been apart of the spectacular German program at ECU and I can without a doubt say that the professors and students I worked with during my time there has made me a stronger, culturally well-informed, and open-minded person. I will always cherish the fun memories I made in German Club and Frau Jensen’s parties! There’s really nothing like the German program at ECU.

Robert - German Alumni


Since graduating in 2009, I've worked mostly in the marketing and advertising fields, focusing on social media presence. I currently am Marketing Manager for a firm that manages vacation properties in the Jacksonville, Florida area. I am also the member of the city's German Club and am currently working on the launch of a men's lifestyle magazine.
  I attribute the vast majority of my success to not only my time studying German at East Carolina, but specifically to the faculty of the department, who have all had a hand in making me the man I've become. I advise anyone curious about learning a foreign language and having a more fulfilled life by expanding their linguistic abilities to look no further than the German Department at ECU.

Melanie - German Alumni


I began studying German at ECU in order to communicate with the German half of my family, many of whom speak little to no English. However, German has influenced my life in surprising ways, leading to both my Master’s degree in International Studies as well as my jobs teaching English as a Second Language and German. I am currently a stay at home mother of three, but I work from home scoring tests for ETS and tutoring students who have recently moved here from Japan. Neither of those jobs would be available to me if not for the education I received at ECU. My favorite thing about my time in the German program was being in classes with the same small group of people. We had a lot of fun both in and out of class and over a decade later I am still friends with most of the people in that group!

Katrin - German Alumni


I have been teaching middle and high school German in Columbus, Ohio since 2009. I have led several international student trips including a service learning trip to the Dominican Republic and a tour of Germany and Switzerland. The German program at ECU prepared me for a career in teaching in numerous ways. Being part of a smaller German program provided me with a community where I felt connected to my professors and fellow students. I was able to experience good teaching first-hand by interacting with professors who deeply cared about their students. I was also given the chance to participate in research projects and to co-teach two courses. These experiences helped me to communicate more effectively, think more critically and more globally, which are skills I try to pass on to my students. The support and the encouragement of my professors made it possible for me to pursue a Fulbright teaching assistantship upon graduating. Being part of this program further improved language skills, gave me a real-world teaching experience, and opened opportunities for travel and a deeper cultural understanding. All of these experiences have shaped the person and the teacher I am today.

Dan - German Alumni


I graduated from ECU in 2013 with dual degrees in Mechanical Engineering and German. Since graduating, I have been working as an Engineer for the US Navy. My job requires me to occasionally travel to foreign countries to support ships, and I am thankful for my experiences doing study abroad in Germany to prepare me for working in unfamiliar places where people do not speak your native language. My German degree also helped me to find a job after college because companies I interviewed with are looking for technical people with demonstrated communication skills, which I was able to develop through ECU’s German program.

Katherine -German Alumni


Momentan wohne ich in Oberösterreich. Dort arbeite ich als Au Pair Mädchen für eine wunderbare Familie mit Zwillingen. Der Dialekt war am Anfang sehr schweirig zu verstehen, aber jetzt kriege ich es langsam hin. Jetzt kann ich auch e bissl dialekt sprechen. ;) Ich bin so dankbar für das ECU Deutschprogramm. Es hat mir die Welt eröffnet. In drei von der letzten fünf Jahren habe ich in Deutschland oder Österreich gewohnt. Dies wäre nie möglich gewesen, wenn ich Deutsch nicht studiert hätte. Ich meine dass, meine Zukunft hier in Österreich oder Deutschland sein wird. Ich muss das Deutschprogramm and ECU dafür danken.

Kristina - German Alumni


Was machst du zur Zeit?

Kürzlich habe ich, im September 2016, meinen Master in Europäischem Recht, Politkwissenschaft und Wirtschaft an der Universität Salzburg abgeschlossen. Seit Februar 2016 arbeite ich bei einer internationalen Organisation namens Salzburg Global Seminar, in dem schönen Schloss Leopoldskron (witzige Tatsache: Der Film "Sound of Music" wurde im Schloss Leopoldskron gefilmt ). Bei Salzburg Global bin ich Program Development Assistentin. Dabei leiste ich verwaltungstechnische Unterstützung für die Vizepräsidentin und den europäischen Entwicklungsleiter; bin als Verbindungsperson zwischen Entwicklungs- und Programmbereichen tätig; und erhalte sowie archiviere Informationen des Salzburg Global Seminars in einer Datenbank.
I recently finished my Master's in European Law, Political Science and Economics in September 2016 at the University of Salzburg. Currently, I am working at an international organisation called Salzburg Global Seminar in the beautiful Schloss Leopoldskron since February 2016 (Fun fact: Schloss Leopoldskron is where parts of the Sound of Music was filmed  ). At Salzburg Global, I am the Program Development Assistant, where I provide administrative support to the Vice President and Chief Program Officer and the European Development Director by managing their business activities; liaise between the development and program teams; and maintains and archive information in Salzburg Global's database.

Wie hat das Deutschprogramm dein Denken beeinflusst?

Das Deutschprogramm hat mein Denken sowohl auf akademischem als auch auf professionellem Niveau beeinflusst. Die Voraussetzung, im Literatur- und Geschichtsunterricht teilzunehmen, hat mich sehr gefreut und mich gut auf mein Masterprogramm vorbereitet, auch auf politische Diskussionen. Zusätzlich hat die Unterstützung und Förderung meine kulturellen Kompetzen verbessert und mein kulturelles Bewusstsein geschärft, so dass ich jetzt sehr gut in einem multikulturellen Arbeitsklima arbeiten kann.
The German program influenced my thinking both on an academic and professional level. Where the program required participation in literature and history courses, I was very happy to be well prepared for my Master's studies, including political discussions. Furthermore, the encouragement and requirement to study abroad in the program allowed me to improve my cultural competence and awareness that has allowed me to work in a multi-cultural atmosphere.

Was ist deine beste Erinnerung an das Deutschprogramm?

Es gibt viele Erinnerungen an das Deutschprogram. Es gab definitiv spaßige Diskussionen und Aktivitäten in den Kursen. Neben dem Klassenraum, beim Lernen in der Joyner Bibliothek oder auch beim UEFA Champions League schauen im Christy's Euro Pub, habe ich unvergessliche Freundenschaften geschlossen. There are certainly a lot of memories I cherish from participating in the German program. There were certainly fun discussions and activities in the classroom. However, when I wasn't in the courses, I made memorable friendships with my classmates from studying in Joyner Library to watching the UEFA Champions League at Christy's Euro Pub!

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