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The ECU German Program strives to provide all learners of German, students without German language skills but an interest in the German culture, and members of the greater community with a variety of cultural events.
Students enrolled in our courses participate in and intellectually ponder a number of these events each semester for a grade (known as Cultural Outreach Points). Beyond that, they are invited to help plan, organize, manage, and lead these cultural activities, earning them additional Outreach Points and – more importantly – providing intercultural knowledge, communicative experience, community engagement, and leadership skills. Even if you cannot go abroad, you can get a taste of German customs, traditions, and culinary flavors by attending one of our many meetings!

Here is a partial list of the cultural opportunities sponsored by the ECU German Program:

Delta Phi Alpha German Honor Society

Open by invitation to German majors and minors with a minimum GPA of 3.0. The Society is involved in outreach to the campus and local community.
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Susanne Jones (jonessu@ecu.edu)


ECU German Club

This club provides a weekly opportunity for ECU students and members of the community to speak German or to learn about German cultures. It meets at various times to allow the greatest number of students to attend at convenient times. To receive weekly invitations, you must be placed on our listserv.
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Birgit Jensen (jensenb@ecu.edu)


ECU Teaching Resources Committee

Members enrich the Joyner Library Teaching Resources collections by recommending German films and children books and films to be ordered based on book reviews published in Germany.
Faculty Mentor: Prof. Tatjana Goodman (goodmant@ecu.edu)


German Film Committee

Members research, advertise, introduce, and discuss German-language films to the ECU and larger community.
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Susanne Jones (jonessu@ecu.edu)


German in Motion: Schools Outreach Committee

Students give presentations about German culture to school children in Pitt County—pupils who otherwise may never have contact with people fluent in the German language and cultural practices and traditions.
Faculty Mentors: all ECU German Program professors. Contact Dr. Birgit Jensen (jensenb@ecu.edu)


Student Advisory Committee

Members represent students’ interests to the German program faculty and serve as Web outreach coordinators.
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Birgit Jensen (jensenb@ecu.edu)


Study-in-Germany Ambassadors

Participating students have studied in Germany through an ECU-exchange program. They make presentations about their time abroad to introductory language classes to inform those students about opportunities to study in Germany.
Faculty Mentor: Dr. David Smith (smithdav@ecu.edu)


German Cultural Outreach Committee

Members participate in the ECU Holocaust Awareness Day, International Festival, Osterfeuer [Easter bonfire], Opernball [Mardi Gras ballroom dancing], Laternenfest, St. Nikolaus-Fest, and other cultural festivities that are open to the greater community.
Faculty Mentors: Dr. Birgit Jensen and Dr. Susanne Jones (jonessu@ecu.edu)


ECU German Tutors

Housed in the Pirate Tutoring Center, peer tutors serve the needs of lower-level students seeking grammar help.
Faculty Mentors: all ECU German professors teaching GERM 1001-2004

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