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Studying abroad in Germany through ECU is easier and cheaper than you might think! You can take courses on nearly any topic and fulfill requirements for any major or minor. Germany is packed with gorgeous historical architecture and beautiful natural landscapes. It's bike and pedestrian friendly, and has an excellent public transportation system—you don't need a car at all!

All you need to do is find a program that suits your needs and then fill out some paperwork. The process takes some planning, but it will be worth it, and it's financially comparable to studying here in Greenville.

All you pay is your regular in-state or out-of-state ECU tuition, plane flight, and living expenses (please note: dorm rooms, food, transportation, and cultural events cost less in Germany!). Through scholarships like the ECU Thomas Rivers Fund, the German Academic Exchange Service, and the Gilman Foundation (for students who already have a Pell Grant) you can offset some or all of the costs. Our students have had great success in getting one or more of these scholarships every year. Your federal financial aid may also be used to pay for study abroad.

Other Programs:

If you would like to study abroad in Germany this summer, or for the academic year, you need to see Dr. Jill Twark as soon as possible in January ( in 3316 Bate in the Foreign Language Department) and Whitney Morris at the International House ( Whitney conducts study abroad application information sessions on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 4:00-5:00pm at the International House, located between McDonald’s on 10th Street and the Rec Center. You may also set up an appointment to meet with her individually or email her any questions. Most application forms are due on February 1st!

  1. NEW STUDY ABROAD OPTION: ECU has just approved a brand-new study abroad partnership with the Institute of Political Science at the University Erlangen-Nürnberg.
    • undergraduate or graduate student majoring/minoring in Political Science or Security Studies, or with an interest in doing so, should consider this program.
    • If accepted, the student(s) could study in Erlangen beginning as early as this fall. Students have the possibility to study there for a year or for a semester.
    • Student must have at least a 2.5 GPA.
    • Any student who has already applied to UNCEP or another institution in Germany could conceivably apply for this program in Erlangen instead. We'd have to ask. If you have questions or are interested, please contact Prof. Smith as soon as possible.
  2. The University of North Carolina Exchange Programs (UNCEP) application form is due at the International House by February 1st. This form is for students wanting to study for the entire academic year 2013-14 at a University in Tübingen, Konstanz, Heidelberg, Freiburg, Karlsruhe, Hohenheim, Ulm, Stuttgart, or at the University of Mannheim. ***Only the University of Mannheim offers fall semester study abroad, because its academic calendar is similar to ECU’s calendar. The academic year for the other universities runs from mid-October to mid-February for “winter semester” and from mid-April to mid-July for “summer semester.” Program Website (scroll down for application form).
  3. The Duale Hochschule Mannheim form is also due at the International House on February 1st. (This is for students wanting to spend an entire year in Mannheim, and then receive a paid internship related to their Major/Minor in spring 2014.) Currently, there are three State of Baden-Württemberg scholarships available for ECU students for the fall semester at the Duale Hochschule, as well, which amount to 2,100 Euros per student (approx. $2,800, enough to cover rent and food costs for an entire semester!). Webpage.
  4. Applicants must have the following items accompanying their application forms:
    • a personal statement/curriculum vitae in narrative form, 1-2 pages, double-spaced;
    • two recommendation letters from professors (allow profs at least 2 weeks);
    • a list of courses to take in Germany (use the German university's link for “International Students” and search for classes in “Deutsch als Fremdsprache”).
  5. The credit transfer form, with a detailed list of classes to be taken in Germany and their ECU equivalents, is not due until the end of April, so there is time to fill it out after the UNCEP or Duale Hochschule Mannheim application forms have been submitted on February 1st. Website for “Permission for Undergraduates to Take Courses from Foreign Institutions” form.
  6. The Rivers Fund scholarship application is not due until May 1st for fall or year-long exchange programs, but it is due on March 1st for summer program applicants. Website.
  7. The ISEP application, for ECU students wanting to study at a German university outside the state of Baden-Württemberg, is due on January 15th. Website:
  8. The German Academic Exchange Program (DAAD) application (only for select, highly competitive German Majors) is due on January 31st, and must be accompanied by a three-page, double-spaced personal statement/statement of purpose; two ECU professor letters of recommendation; and a letter of support written by a professor from the proposed German university. Applicants must meet with both Dr. Twark and Dr. Smith at least six weeks before the due date, and keep in contact with them throughout the application process, in order to ensure submission of the best possible application. Website:

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