GRBK 3001 Spring 2018


GRBK 3001. "Great Books of Science"

Prof. Helena Feder, Department of English
GenEd:HU (31849), HNRS 2011 (35554) MW 2:00-3:15, Bate 2015

This interdisciplinary seminar will focus on key texts of modern science that explore what it means to be human by interrogating both human nature and the larger natural world of which we are a part, our values, ethics, and aesthetics. The texts investigate the nature of reality and dream, our shared human and nonhuman evolutionary history, and the ways in which nonhuman cultural worlds resemble and differ from ours. They ask questions about our distance from each other, individually and culturally, and from the stars, all measures of light and dark matter, literal and metaphorical. They shine a light on science's relation to culture and culture's use of technology; they both embody and consider what it means to be modern.

  • The Oxford Book of Modern Science Writing
  • Loren Eisley, Invisible Pyramid
  • Robert Sapolsky, A Primate's Memoir
  • Frans de Waal, Primates and Philosophers

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