Center for Natural Hazards, Department of Economics receive NSF awards, post-Hurricane Florence

Several affiliated researchers of the Center for Natural Hazards Research received grants from NSF after the 2018 hurricane season. Below are the federally-funded awards and some logistics of the project.


  • "RAPID: Rural residents' self-protections to perceived and actual contamination risk in private drinking wells after Hurricane Florence"


  • "RAPID: Effect of Hurricane Florence on Homeowner Willingness to Engage in Flood Risk Mitigation and Buyout Contracts"
    • Dr. Jamie Kruse (Economics); Dr. Gregory Howard (Economics)
    • $49,909 awarded for this one-year grant
    • The purpose of this project is to identify the effect of demographic, location, and contract attributes on likelihood that the homeowner adopts flood mitigation or alternatively would accept an acquisition (buyout) offer.


  • "LEAP-HI: Embedding Regional Hurricane Risk Management in the Life of a Community: A Computational Framework"
    • A $504,000 subcontract was awarded to Dr. Jamie Kruse for this project, in conjunction with the University of Delaware.
    • The effort in this Leading Engineering for America's Prosperity, Health, and Infrastructure (LEAP-HI) award provides a scientific framework for evaluating the risks of hurricanes to residential communities and public policies to manage them.


A total of $733,132 was awarded to these ECU faculty members and departments after the 2018 hurricane season! These grants will help to improve management of hurricane-related risks in the coastal plain.


To promote research and analysis that ultimately reduces the harm caused by natural forces to life, communities, and the environment.


The Center for Natural Hazards Research will foster a multidisciplinary research community that seeks to understand and thereby improve our ability to predict, respond to, and recover from adverse events caused by the natural processes.

About the Center

The Center for Natural Hazards Research focuses on physical, social, and economic aspects of natural hazards affecting eastern North Carolina, the United States, and the international community. The Center facilitates interdisciplinary research on natural hazards, including hurricanes, tornadoes, flooding, and coastal erosion, and attempts to make research results available and interpretable for policy makers and the general public. The center is currently directed by Dr. Jamie Kruse and has about 50 research associates from fifteen universities and research institutes.

Areas of active research include improved understanding of atmospheric and geologic hazards and their relationship with the physical, biological, and social environments; GIS as a means to assess and communicate hazards; the financial impacts of hurricanes and floods; effective and efficient management of coastal erosion; the relationships between human behavior, land use, and natural hazards; individual behavior, community projects, and government policies for mitigating and managing risk of natural hazards; economic valuation of risk-reducing public and private projects; and individual and household evacuation decisions.

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