History Educator Logo

Goal and Purpose

The goal and purpose of this collaboration between historians and history educators at East Carolina University is to give recognition, continuing support, and professional encouragement to history educators who have been awarded history education degrees from the university. A further goal of the collaboration is to make a more effective use of those works that are already being accomplished by these rising and veteran history educators with an ECU affiliation.

Principal Focus

The principal focus of the History Educator is to establish a new outlet for showcasing those quality products that have been created or will be created by student history educators.

Publication Criteria and Standards

Any graduate research considered for inclusion in The Compass or any website proposed to be linked to the ECU History Educator must meet the following standards:

  1. Exhibit original research on the history or history education topic explored.
  2. Be based on primary sources and research materials.
  3. Be written and presented in an engaging style.
  4. Be produced in a polished literary form.
  5. Be produced under the supervision of an ECU faculty memeber and be approved as meeting the requirements for a History Education degree.