High Performance Computing (HPC)

Options for Research and Educational Computing

East Carolina University continues the renaissance in high-performance computing (HPC) with the addition of a Dell cluster with 16 nodes, 20 cores/node (320 cores plus an additional 32 cores on the head/login node), 2670 Intel V2 processors, 128 GB/node memory, 1 TB local disk, 180 TB total raw storage (including disk array), NFS connectivity, Intel and Portland compilers, Intel MKL and MPI libraries, PBS Torque batch scheduling software, all running on RedHat Linux OS.

On June 1, 2016, the SGI Altix 4700 (Jasta) and the SGI Prism (Coffee) will be decommissioned.

The Department of Biology maintains two HPC machines to facilitate and improve research in bioinformatics, large-scale ecosystem analysis, spatial statistics and phylogenetic analysis. The HPC core consists of an IBM BladeCenter server and a Dell PowerEdge R910 Server providing parallel computing capacity and scalable infrastructure with standard x86 server technologies.

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Dr. Libero Bartolotti | Department of Chemistry | 252.328.9762

Dr. Michael Brewer | Biology HPC Facility | Department of Biology | 252.328.5778