ECU Network On-Campus Resources

Guests, students, faculty and staff connect to ECU resources through wired, wireless, mobile or secure VPN connections.

File-sharing traffic is blocked on the ECU network. If you have an academic or administrative need to use BitTorrent, uTorrent, Vuze or other file-sharing application, please submit a Peer-to-Peer File Sharing exception form. For more information, visit the file sharing page.

Switches, routers and other networking hardware are not allowed on campus or in residence halls.

Network Access - Wireless

Current Wireless Networks:

  • eduroam
    Primary network for faculty, staff and students. PirateID required. No guest access. Pre-enroll devices anytime/anywhere at Access good for four years wherever eduroam is a service. See this FAQ for more information.
  • ecu-guest
    Internet access for visitors with no PirateID and no eduroam access. Daily and weekly accounts sponsored by ECU faculty or staff.
  • ecu-wifi
    This network launched Monday, May 8, 2017. Authentication required. Used to onboard to eduroam and connect internet-ready devices to the ECU network.
  • buccaneer
    Students, staff and faculty access campus resources like Piratedrive, Banner INB and other secure resources.

    Network Access - Wired

    Both residence halls and campus buildings include a wired network for desktops, laptops and other devices that can connect through an Ethernet cable. The wired network instruction page walks you through step by step.

      Network Access - Internet-Ready Devices

      Connect a smart TV or other internet-ready, multimedia device through the My Devices portal.

      See these step-by-step instructions.

        Enroll with EduroamSponsor Guest Wireless

        Network Access - Virtual Private Network (VPN)

        A virtual private network (VPN) is a secure connection between a user’s device when off campus and internal ECU campus resources.

        If possible, it is a good idea to set up the VPN software and test the connection while on campus. See the VPN page for instructions and connection URLs for faculty, staff and students.

          A Word About Wireless Connectivity on Campus

          While we strive to provide the widest wireless network coverage possible, our first priority is ensuring that network access is available within buildings, libraries, computer labs and residence halls. Users will sometimes notice their device switches to cell data (if available for the device) when they exit a building. This is a standard set up for most businesses that provide wireless connectivity to users.

          However, as future wireless standards evolve to include a wider coverage area, ECU will upgrade to provide as much access as possible for students, faculty and staff.

            Frequently Asked

            See this FAQ for answers to your wireless questions.