ECU Network On-Campus Resources

Guests, students, faculty and staff connect to ECU resources through wired, wireless, mobile or secure VPN connections.

File-sharing traffic is blocked on the ECU network. If you have an academic or administrative need to use BitTorrent, uTorrent, Vuze or other file-sharing application, please submit a Peer-to-Peer File Sharing exception form. For more information, visit the file sharing page.

Switches, routers and other networking hardware are not allowed on campus or in residence halls.

Network Access - Wireless

Current Wireless Networks:

  • eduroam
    Primary network for faculty, staff and students. PirateID required. No guest access. Pre-enroll devices anytime/anywhere at Access good for four years wherever eduroam is a service.
  • ecu-guest
    Internet access for visitors with no PirateID and no eduroam access. Daily and weekly accounts sponsored by ECU faculty or staff.
  • ecu-onboard
    Used on campus to onboard wireless devices to eduroam.
  • buccaneer
    This network will be decommissioned spring 2017. Students, staff and faculty access campus resources like Piratedrive, Banner INB and other secure resources.
  • pirates
    This network will be decommissioned spring 2017. General purpose network good for surfing the web or checking email.

    Network Access - Wired

    Both residence halls and campus buildings include a wired network for desktops, laptops and other devices that can connect through an Ethernet cable. The wired network instruction page walks you through step by step.

      Network Access - Guests

      Visitors to ECU who require network access can connect to the ecu-guest wireless network. No PirateID required, but the temporary account must be sponsored by a faculty or staff member. All guest accounts require a first name, last name, email address and phone number.

      See the Guest Account page for step-by-step instructions to request an account and connect to the network.

      Network Access - Virtual Private Network (VPN)

      A virtual private network (VPN) is a secure connection between a user’s device when off campus and internal ECU campus resources.

      If possible, it is a good idea to set up the VPN software and test the connection while on campus. See the VPN page for instructions and connection URLs for faculty, staff and students.