DatAnywhere Piratedrive Cloud

DatAnywhere is a file storage solution that works like Dropbox or Google Drive, except DatAnywhere allows you to:

  • Create a secure private cloud experience using your existing file-sharing infrastructure.
  • Keep your data on ECU file servers.
  • Keep your existing permissions (e.g. NTFS and Active Directory). (Only people who already have access to the files get access via DatAnywhere.)
  • Easily recover accidentally deleted or renamed files housed on Piratedrive. (Remember...DatAnywhere data is Piratedrive data.)
  • Provide secure, enterprise-capable file synchronization and mobile device access.
  • Set expiration dates on secure shared links.
  • Access secure shared links via PIN verification.
  • Disable and remotely wipe devices.

DatAnywhere automatically syncs files between Piratedrive folders and mobile devices such as laptops, smartphones and tablet computers.

Users log in to folders with their ECU PirateID and passphrase (within INTRA) and securely share files with colleagues and external partners.

Note: No data is stored in the cloud; all data is synced with Piratedrive folders located on ECU servers.


  • Compatible with Windows Explorer and Mac OS X Finder
  • Support for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android
  • Optional email PIN verification to access shared links

    Getting Started with DatAnywhere

    Submit an IT service request to enable your account. Once enabled, you receive a Welcome email with all of the information you need to get started. Also, see the resources to the right.

      Security Guidelines

      Keep these guidelines in mind if you are using DatAnywhere to access sensitive data: