Guest Wireless Access

Network Access for ECU Visitors

Visitors who require network access connect to the ecu-guest wireless network through a daily or weekly guest account sponsored by a faculty or staff. No PirateID required.

Requests must include the guest's first name, last name, email and phone number.

Sponsor - Request or Approve Guest Account

Instructions with screen shots (pdf)

ECU sponsors can create a guest account or approve a guest-generated account. Please note: You must be on campus connected to the eduroam wireless or wired network or off campus connected through a VPN connection to request a guest account.

Request a guest account
  1. Log in to
  2. Choose a Guest type and complete the Guest Information form.
  3. Click Create. The account information opens.
  4. Click the Notify button. This emails or texts the login credentials to the guest.
  5. To resend credentials, extend an account or delete an account, click the Manage Accounts tab.
Approve a pending request generated by a guest
  1. Log in to the portal.
  2. Choose the Pending Accounts tab.
  3. Check the box beside the guest's request.
  4. Select to either approve or deny the request.
  5. Confirm your decision in the next dialog box and click OK.

Visitor- Log on or Initiate a Sponsored Account

Instructions with screen shots (pdf)

As a guest, you can request a 3-day network account that is sent to your faculty/staff sponsor for approval.
Connect to the ECU Network
  1. From the Wi-Fi settings of your device, choose the ecu-guest network.
  2. Enter your guest username and passphrase. Click Sign-in.
  3. The Acceptable Use Policy dialog box opens. Choose Accept.
  4. The ECU home page opens.
Request a guest account

Request a 3-day guest account to be approved by your sponsor.

  1. From the Wi-Fi settings of your device, choose the ecu-guest network.
  2. Click the Don't have an account? Click here to request one be created link.
  3. Submit a completed request form.
  4. Click the Request Account Be Created button.
  5. The Account Submitted for Approval dialog box opens.
  6. Click OK.
  7. Once you receive your login credentials (email or text), return to the login screen (step 1) and enter the username and passphrase.
  8. Accept the Acceptable Use Policy.
  9. The ECU home page opens.
Guest Wireless Request

Conferences and Events

If you are hosting a large event or conference with many attendees, the IT Help Desk at 252.328.9866 is happy to create the event account for you. Please give one week advance notice.