Microsoft Software for Students

Windows Operating System Download for Students

Enrolled students are eligible for a FREE Windows operating system download through the Kivuto Web store. Type your PirateID and passphrase below to enter the Kivuto Solutions Web store. Choose from one of three products:

Windows 7, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10

This full license is in force until you leave ECU. If you graduate or leave the University, you must uninstall the Windows OS.

Kivuto downloads are ISO files which must be burned to DVD before installation. DVD media can also be ordered during initial download (student pays shipping). Orders are accessible (available for download) for 31 days past the original order date. Students can also pay a $4.95 Extended Access Guarantee to keep the order open for 24 months.

NOTE: Orders older than 31 days are archived. To re-open an archived order for another 60 days is an $11.95 charge to the student.

Other Microsoft Products

ECU has expanded the student Office 365 subscription to Pro Plus, which includes FREE downloads of MS Office 2013. Visit the Office 365 websitefor an introduction to the new features and instructions for downloading through your email. Returning students who previously downloaded the Office suite from this site are required to uninstall that version before updating to the new Office 365 Pro Plus subscription.