Student Printing

We offer students the convenience of printing classwork from labs or campus kiosks while our print management system helps save resources and the environment.

Pirate Print Kiosks

The Print Kiosk service allows students to send a print job from their personal computer – on campus or off campus – to a print kiosk located on campus.

Current Pirate Print locations:

  • Allied Health Building (College of Nursing lobby) Globe Icon Map
  • Austin Lobby (by Austin 104 computer lab) Globe Icon Map
  • Bate 3rd Floor Globe Icon Map
  • Mendenhall Student Center (Main Level) Globe Icon Map
  • Rivers (by Rivers 139 computer lab) Globe Icon Map
  • Ross Hall - SoDM (student lounge area) Globe Icon Map
  • Science & Technology Building (2nd floor) Globe Icon Map
  • Wright Place (walkway between Dowdy Student Stores and Wright Place) Globe Icon Map

Student Print Allowance

As part of the student fee budget, a $30 print allowance is allocated to every enrolled student each academic year as follows:

  • Fall Semester - $10
  • Spring Semester - $10
  • Summer - $10

The print balance declines as students print from labs or kiosks. Current rates:

  • Black/white documents - $0.02 per page
  • Color - $0.10 per page
  • Specialty printing is charged at $0.10 per square foot

Unused funds roll to the next semester until each August. Funds do not roll over from year to year. Rarely, the annual print allotment is exhausted, and a student must add personal funds to continue printing from labs. To add funds, log in to

A student's print balance shows on the computer lab desktop after login. Students can check their balance at any time from Staff are not given a print allowance and cannot print in computer labs.

Students may request a refund for botched print jobs through this form.

Print Job SubmissionRefund RequestKiosk Support (Staff)

Please Note

Occasionally, Pirate Print is unavailable due to server updates during the IT system maintenance window (Sundays, 5:00a to 12:00 noon).