Qualtrics Surveys


Qualtrics is a browser-based survey software licensed by ECU. Qualtrics offers many advanced, but user-friendly features such as:

  • Easy survey design with question libraries, point-and-click editing, automatic choices and question randomization.
  • Comprehensive list of question types including pick, group & rank, drill down, rank order, heat map and hot spots.
  • Collaboration
  • Polls
  • Distribution & Panel Management

Getting Started

Qualtrics is available to all ECU faculty, staff and students who are faculty-supervised in a class or research setting. Our license allows for unlimited use of the software for legitimate ECU-related research and educational activities.

If you are new to Qualtrics at ECU, you will be required to review and agree to the ECU Qualtrics Terms of Use to obtain an account.

Are You a STUDENT Creating a Survey On Behalf of a Department/Faculty/Staff?

If YES, the survey should be owned by the faculty/staff person. As a student, you must be added as a collaborator on the survey. As a collaborator, you will still have the capability to create/edit the survey.

Prior to conducting research, are there any requirements I need to follow?

Yes. All survey distribution is subject to the University Institutional Review Board. You need to ensure you have met their criteria before conducting any research.

How do I get a Qualtrics account?

ECU official faculty, staff and students with a PirateID may self-enroll and create an account. You must use your PirateID credentials. Non-ECU accounts cannot be used. This account will be immediately available to create and distribute surveys.

Do NOT create an account at the Qualtrics site! You will not have access to the surveys or data you create there.

External Collaborators

If you are working on a survey with collaborators not affiliated with East Carolina University and would like them to share or co-author a survey, you can request your account to be modified to allow outside collaboration. Students are NOT permitted to collaborate outside.

How to Request Outside Collaboration

The ECU faculty or staff person needs to call our Help Desk at 252-328-9866 / 1-800-340-7081 OR log onto the Online Help Desk and submit a Web Services request asking to collaborate outside.

Once this permission is turned on, you will receive an email confirmation that this has been completed, which includes a reminder of the terms and conditions. You are responsible for ensuring your outside collaborators are aware of our terms and conditions. You may then add your outside collaborators.

How to Add Collaborators - Click Here


    Important Reminder

    The new Qualtrics user interface was implemented October 5, 2015.


    Submit an online IT Service Request or call the IT Help Desk for face-to-face training (1 to 3 users). Topics include terms of use, creation, distribution, viewing, exporting, and special topics such as informed consent and collaboration.

    Also see training resources from Qualtrics including webinars, tutorials, FAQs and a blog