Siteimprove Accessibility Report

The images on this page help you navigate through your Siteimprove PDF and online reports. Also see the categories below for specific problems you might encounter and a fix for each.

Using Siteimprove's PDF Report | The Overview

Your report's overview section contains a graphic representing the three WCAG 2.0 compliance categories: Level A, Level AA and Level AAA, and the number of errors in each.

ECU websites are expected to meet compliance success criteria levels A and AA. Each level is broken down into 1) errors, 2) warnings and 3) items needing review.

 PDF report overview detail

Using Siteimprove's PDF Report | The Issues List

PDF report section detail

The Web Pages with Accessibility Issues section is a table listing the page title and a column for each success criteria (A, AA and AAA).

Using Siteimprove's Online Page Report | Page Detail

Each page title in the PDF report is a link to Siteimprove's cached version and list of issues for that page.

Click a problem in the issues list for details and a fix. The page on the right highlights where problems exist.

Online page detail