Siteimprove Quality Assurance Report

The Siteimprove quality assurance report is a breakdown of your site's broken links - including those in uploaded pdf files, misspelled words and potential misspellings. Your report is emailed on the first day of each month. Using this guide, you can locate specific errors. 

The Overview

Your Siteimprove quality assurance report begins with a summary of two categories: broken links and misspellings. 

Web Pages with Broken Links

The Broken Links section of your report lists pages that need to be fixed. 

  1. Click the page link to open Siteimprove's page report.*
  2. Click the CMS icon to open the page in the content management system: CommonSpot, WordPress, etc. You will need to log in.
  3. Click the search icon to open Siteimprove's page report.*
*Accessing the online page report shows a "cached page," (snapshot) of the page when the error was found.

Find Issues Using Siteimprove's Page Report

Each page listing in your pdf report is a link to Siteimprove's online page report. On the left of the screen is the issues list. 

Click each problem for a detailed explanation of the issue. Click the drop-down detail to see how to fix the problem. The section on the right highlights where the problem exists on the page.

Other QA Report Sections


Misspelled words are listed in both the summary and the report.

Potential Misspellings

Software, proper nouns, abbreviations and acronyms are flagged in your report as potential misspellings.

Pages with Misspellings or Potential Misspellings

The links in this section may  or may not lead to an error. However, it is best to check them as there are often errors like two words with no space between. Potential errors are underlined in the online page report.