Collaborate from Anywhere - Cisco Jabber

Conference from anywhere, at anytime from your own Mac or Windows desktop or laptop using Cisco Jabber. Features include video, desktop sharing and conferencing. Camera, microphone and speakers required.

After your Jabber account is created (see steps below).

Step 1. Submit the Jabber Account Request form through the online service request system. Approval processed within two business days.
Step 2. Download Cisco Jabber 4.8.6 or later and install on your Mac or Windows system.
Step 3. Configure the application as follows:
click the "settings" icon


Step 4. Click the Settings icon (under the Password textbox).

Next, select Sign-in Settings. The dialog box opens.

Configure Jabber - Step 2


Step 5. Enter these settings:

Internal Server -

External Server -

SIP domain -

Click OK to return to the login dialog.


Step 6. Sign in using your PirateID and passphrase. Click the Sign in button to start the Jabber service.


Step 7. From the Quick Setup, select the microphone, speakers and camera installed on your computer system. (see image, right)

Click Next.

Jabber Configuration - Step 4
Jabber Configuration - Step 5



Step 8. Jabber now checks your system resources.

After any adjustments, click the Finish button.


Step 9.  After Jabber checks system resources, you are able to conference.

Within the dial field, call other Jabber users or hardware-based video conferencing systems.

you are now "conference ready."


Step 10. Conferencing options:

Jabber Configuration - Menu Icons

From left: Hide Self View | Camera On/Off | Microphone On/Off | Speaker Volume | Full Screen On/Off | Share Presentation | End all