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Welcome to the Biomechanics and Robotics Exploration for Information Technology Literacy and Skills Project Website!

The primary focus of this project is the creation of the ITEST Academy in order to advance interest in engineering, mathematics, and science among high school students. The Academy is composed of two parts.  The Information Technology Academy for Teachers (ITAT) is composed of select teams of mathematics teachers, science teachers, and guidance counselors who participate in a two-week, nonresidential summer program. The purposes of the ITAT are to broaden teachers’ perspectives on IT tools in biomechanics and robotics and provide experiences that help develop inquiry based science and mathematics lessons that stimulate students’ interests in science, engineering, and technology. The Information Technology Academy for Students (ITAS) focuses on bringing in select students to participate in a three-week hands-on learning experience that centers on the use of math and science in biomechanics and robotics. ITEST stands for Information Technology Experiences for Students and Teachers. 

Learning Modules

New: Curriculum Mapping Updated to include Robots






Core Administrative Team

Paul Kauffmann, PI, Department of Engineering

Dana Espinosa, Co-PI, Department of Exercise and Sports Science

Cathy Hall, Co-PI, Department of Psychology

Gail Ratcliff, Co-PI, Department of Mathematics

Virginia Carraway, Project Coordinator

Michael Bossť, Curriculum, Department of Mathematics Education

Christie Wuebbles, Curriculum, Fike High School - Wilson County School System

Building Hope Community Center


Biomechanics Curriculum Team

Stephanie Sullivan, Department of Engineering

Dana Espinosa, Department of Exercise and Sport Science


Robotics Curriculum Team

Tarek Abdel-Salam, Department of Engineering

TJ Mohammed, Technology Systems


Solid Modeling Curriculum Team

Ed Howard, Department of Engineering Rick Williams, Department of Engineering


Excel Curriculum Team

Jeremy Dickerson, Department of Business, Career and Technical Education


Leadership Curriculum Team

David Batts, Department of Technology Systems


The academy consists of:

  • IT explorations with force plates and sensors for biomenchanics gait studies;

  • a programmable microprocessor for robotics navigation and speed control; and

  • MathCAD and MatLab software tools.

These software tools are used to connect biomechanics and robotics explorations to 9th – 12th grade mathematics and science lessons. Topics include vectors, spatial sense measurement, geometry, and elementary mechanics such as Newton’s Laws of motion and Hookes’ Law for materials. The Information Technology Academy for Teachers (ITAT) and the related Information Technology Academy for Students (ITAS) provides explorations that integrate sets of learning goals into complex tasks that make IT part of a coordinated activity involving mathematics and science rather than as separate skills taught in isolation. In developing the framework for the Academy, high school mathematics and science teachers were surveyed to find out what types of IT support and collaboration would fit realistically within their typical workday.

Teachers reported that they had the strongest interests in:

  • data gathering using the IT tools in University labs;

  • teacher directed research supported by graduate students, and;

  • IT infused curriculum modules co-developed with university faculty.

The project is funded by the National Science Foundation.

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