Music Library Reserve Collection Policy

Below is the reserve collection policy.  To submit reserve requests electronically, use the Music Library Reserve Request form.  To locate materials already on reserve, search the library catalog.

I. Purpose

  1. The purpose of the Music Library’s reserve collection is to provide fair, timely, and central access to materials in high demand.

II. Scope

Due to space, staff, and other constrains, items are put on reserve at the discretion of the reserve collection supervisor (Kevin-Andrew Cronin).  In all cases, items must meet the guidelines of U.S. Copyright law.

  1. Materials which may be placed on reserve:
    1. Books, scores, and media materials (audio, audio/visual, and software).
    2. Materials from the Music Library’s special collection.
    3. Materials from the School of Music’s Center for Music Technology and Ensembles Library.
      1. Collections of octavos or instrumental parts may be placed on reserve in pre-arranged groups only.
      2. These materials will be handled in the same manner as personal copies (see section II.A.6. of this policy).
    4. Photocopies of specific materials.
    5. Reproductions of portions of specific sound recordings.
    6. Personal copies.
      1. If the Music Library does not own a particular item, a personal copy may be put on reserve.
      2. The Music Library will provide reasonable protection in shelving, circulation, and retrieval of personal copies according to established procedures.  However, the library cannot assume responsibility for the replacement of lost or damaged personal copies.
    7. Multiple copies of materials, when necessary and approved by the reserve collection supervisor.
    8. Digitized versions of any of the above.  Acceptable materials may be provided in either of the following forms:
      1. Items already in digital format (e.g. CD, floppy disk, email, etc.)
      2. Requests for items to be digitized by the reserve collection supervisor.
  2. Materials which may not be placed on reserve:
    1. Current and bound periodical volumes.
      1. Exception: Volumes containing articles that would normally have been copied for reserve purposes, but their condition prevents copying.
    2. Items which typically only circulate in-house.
    3. Certain types of materials (e.g. monographs, audiovisuals) received through Interlibrary Loan.

III. Reserve Requests

  1. Only faculty members and graduate teaching assistants (hereafter referred to as instructors) may request that an item be placed on reserve.
  2. Instructors are to use a Reserve Request Form to place an item on reserve.  These forms are available at the Music Library Circulation Desk and online through the library website.
  3. On the last day of classes of each semester/session the reserve collection supervisor will distribute a list of current reserves to each instructor. Instructors are to indicate those courses that will not be taught in the upcoming semester/session and return it to the reserve collection supervisor as soon as possible. Any changes to reserve lists or new reserve requests must be submitted to the reserve collection supervisor no later than one week prior to assignment distribution. Due to the heavy usage of the collection, all reserve items listed on syllabi should be requested at the beginning of the semester. This will ensure the items can be recalled in a timely manner.
  4. To ensure timely processing of requests, instructors are asked to provide complete and accurate information on request forms.  A course syllabus with appropriate call number information will be accepted in lieu of a request form.  Materials may be added to a reserve list at any time during the semester, and will be available for use at the time of opening on the third business day after the request has been received.
  5. Digital reserve materials should be presented to the reserve collection supervisor. Contact the reserves collection supervisor for information about format options.
  6. Each instructor teaching the same course and wishing to put the same titles on reserve must submit a request form listing the identical titles.

IV. Loans

  1. Reserve materials are restricted to in-house use not to exceed a three hour period.
  2. Patrons may only have three reserve items checked out at a time.
  3. Exceptions
    1. Instructors may negotiate a different circulation period and/or use of reserve itesm outside the library with the reserve collection supervisor.
    2. Instructors who have placed items on reserve may check those items out for use during a single class period. These items must be checked out immediately before class and returned immediately after class. Reserve items that are not returned after such use will be removed from the reserve list and not reinstated for the remainder of the semester/session.
    3. A reserve item may be checked out ot the instructor who has placed the item on reserve. Permission to do so must be granted by a full-time Music Library staff member. These items may be checked out no earlier than one hour before closing and must be returned no later than one hour after opening on the next day the library is open. Reserve items that are not returned after such use will be removed from the reserve list and not reinstated for the remainder of the semester/session.
    4. Other patrons desiring to check out a reserve item must provide written or email approval from the instructor who put the item on reserve. These items can be checked out no earlier than one hour before closing and must be returned no later than one hour after opening on the next day the library is open.

V. Fines and Fees

  1. Reserve items have no grace period and accrue $5.00 per item, per loan period (ex. Hourly, Daily) in fines up to a maximum of $25.00 per item.
  2. All borrowers are responsible for fees associated with lost or damaged materials as outlined in Borrower's Responsibilities section of the General Circulation Policy of Joyner Library.

Music Library Reserve Policy - ECU

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