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Eleanor Cook


Eleanor I. Cook


Assistant Director for Discovery & Technology Services


Discovery and Technology Services


Joyner Library, Room 1202


(252) 328-2598


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Eleanor Cook

As Assistant Director for Discovery & Technology Services, I:

  • Serve on the senior management team, reporting to the Dean of Academic Library Services

  • Oversee departments that:

    • Manage the work processes for description, classification, linking and maintenance of library collections of all types and all formats;

    • Maintain the ECU Libraries websites, including development and support of web applications, and providing support for various data repositories and overall administration of enterprise and discovery tools;

    • Manage all aspects of the Integrated Library System;

    • Provide information technology support for all areas of the Library.

  • Provide leadership in the establishment of workflows, priorities and support systems that enhance access to the collection.

  • Contribute to strategic planning, program development and evaluation, and allocation of resources in support of the Library’s mission

  • Provide support and mentoring for Discovery and Technology Services staff and faculty and represent the interests of the departments that report to me to the wider library organization

  • Participate as a tenured faculty member in relevant library, campus, state, regional and national service organizations, contribute to our field’s scholarship, and serve in leadership positions as called upon

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