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Why The Lookout?

The Lookout is a great way to get the topics that mean the most to you out there.It's a phenomenal way to get published and it's a nice conversation starter in post-college job interviews. I mean seriously, who wouldn't want a published work on their resume?

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What is The Lookout?

The Lookout is a undergraduate research journal that showcases research done by students of East Carolina University in the humanities, arts, sciences and any other academic discipline. Our mission is to facilitate learning across a broad range of studies through the showcasing of undergraduate research. We aim to strengthen the desire for innovation by stirring curiosity in individuals throughout the university.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can my work be published elsewhere?

Yes. However, some publishers may prefer to have first publishing rights.

Is there a limit on how many submissions I can submit?

Yes. We understand that some authors may want several works published, but due to space constraints only one submission is accepted.

Can my submission be a previous class assignment?

Yes. We accept papers from previous classes, as long as they adhere to the submission guidelines

Is there a cost associated with publishing or submitting?

No. Part of our mission is to ensure that our students receive quality editing and publishing at no cost.

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You can shoot us a question and we'll respond as quickly as possible. You can also submit your paper to the email below!

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