Frequently Asked Questions

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SPFD Application
Opens September 1st
Closes March 1st

Program Runs
May 28th through
July 19th

A: SPFD Runs from the first Tuesday after Memorial Day to the end of July.

A: Eligible applicants include college juniors, seniors, or post-graduates. Applicants must have satisfactorily completed introductory college courses in biology, chemistry, and physics. Organic chemistry is strongly encouraged. Currently, only North Carolina residents are accepted. Minority, disadvantaged, and nontraditional students are given preference, but all students are encouraged to apply.

A: The Non-matriculating program is for students committed to a career in medicine who have demonstrated academic potential. The non-matric program aims to improve the competitiveness of participants as future applicants to medical school. The matriculating program is for students who have been admitted to the Brody School of Medicine and would like to get early exposure to both the medical curriculum and also the pace and intensity of the medical school environment.

A: There are many things students can do to improve their acceptance to the program. Students can pursue clinical shadowing experiences, volunteering and community service opportunities, pursuing a master's degree in Biology, Chemistry, Physics, or Organic Chemistry. Participate in other pre-medical programs.

A: The Brody School of Medicine at East Carolina University (BSOM) is committed to educating primary care physicians, making medical care more readily available to the people of eastern North Carolina, and providing opportunities to minority and disadvantaged students. It is also the commitment of BSOM to offer encouragement and opportunities for the training of premedical students. The Office of Medical Education (OME), in affiliation with BSOM, sponsors an intensive, challenging educational summer program that allows participants to experience the pedagogical style and demands of the medical school curriculum.

A: Students attend the program FREE of charge. The Brody School of Medicine actually pays each eligible participant a stipend to assist with the lodging and traveling expenses incurred throughout the program.

A: Several housing options are available. ECU offers off-campus housing options at ECU campus Living has temporary on-campus options with a low rate of approximately $20.00 per night and a two-week minimum requirement. For more information, please contact Campus living at 252-328-4663. The SPFD program administrator also emails all accepted participants sublet housing options from any current Brody Medical Students that are away during the Summer Program. SPFD students are also welcome to line up their own housing options with family and friends in the area or line up housing at  extended stay hotels and suites in the area: Microtel Inn & Suites and Home-Town Suites conveniently located near the Brody Campus.

A: April 1st, or the first Monday of April, all applicants will receive an acceptance or wait list confirmation e-mail.

A: The MCAT is not a prerequisite for the Summer Program. Even though we would prefer that you have taken the MCAT, it will not hurt you if you have not. If you have not taken the MCAT, be sure to include your SAT scores and/or scores from any other standardized admission test (i.e. GRE).

A: Visit to get your scores. If College Board does not work for you, you can check for your SAT scores in various places: undergraduate institution, your college transcript, or your high school transcript.

A: Because you will need these letters when you apply for medical school, it is a good time to try to reconnect with your professors. If this is not possible, you may have to get letters from supervisors, mentors, and service supervisors.

A: Yes. You still need to complete the application in its entirety including the essay portion of the application. In addition, you will be required to submit one letter of recommendation for your acceptance in the Summer Program for Future Doctors. Also required is the signed release form giving the Office of Admissions permission to release your AMCAS application information to our office for the Summer Program file. This release form is available for download on the program website. You do not need to submit transcripts or additional letters.

A: The deadline for applying is March 1st.

A: The Summer Program for Future Doctors does not give an official transcript of your grades. We do, however, provide a detailed summary of your grades along with a summative evaluation.

A: No, you do not. That form is only for students who have previously applied to medical school. Those students do not need to send transcripts or MCAT scores if they give us access to their AMCAS application.

A: SPFD is funded by the Dean of the Brody School of Medicine and East Carolina University.

A: The Office of Medical Education or the Office of Diversity Affairs.

Office of Medical Education:

Office of Diversity Affairs:

A: Please contact ECU Parking and Transportation to line up any parking pass needs during the SPFD program, or to request single day passes to visit the Brody School of Medicine 252-328-6294. ECU parking and transportation has two offices in Greenville, one on 10th street, and one on the Health Sciences campus in the Student Recreation Center. The Brody Medical Sciences building has metered hourly parking spaces conveniently located just outside of the building for temporary visits and ECU Parking and Transportation also offers single day passes to any ECU Visitors.

A: All accepted applicants will be issued an acceptance e-mail with a list of additional paperwork and requirements necessary to participate in the SPFD program. If applicants do not receive or lose their acceptance e-mail, they can contact for additional information.

Additional required information includes:

  • Clinical Shadowing Documents
  • ECU HIPPA Training
  • Official immunization records
  • Photo consent form
  • Medical emergency contact form
  • Ropes course consent form

A: Yes.

For Orientation: Professional Business Attire with a change of gym clothes for Outdoor Ropes Course at end of Orientation.

For Lecture: Student Professional Casual Attire (

For Labs: Student Professional Casual Attire (Close toed shoes for all lab days)

For Clinical Skills, Shadowing and Mock Interviews: Professional business attire

For Banquet: Professional Business Attire

A: All SPFD participants are expected to attend all lectures, labs, and special presentations by Brody faculty and staff unless prior approval was granted by program Director Dr. Richard Ray.  Accepted participants are asked to please not schedule any vacations or outside time requirements during the SPFD program as the program does require full-time participation.

For additional questions please see the Brody School of Medicine Code of Conduct:

A: Evaluations for students who are applying to medical school immediately following the conclusion of SPFD are given priority and should be receiving their evaluation in August.  All evaluations should be received no later than the end of September.

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