ECU Space Grant Inaugural Symposuim
1st Session, 27 January 2011
1:00pm, Mendenhall 244

This inaugural session commemorated East Carolina University’s recent integration into the North Carolina Space Grant Consortium and highlighted research and educational activities in space science at ECU.

North Carolina Space Grant and ECU
1:00pm    Welcome and Introductions
                                  John D. Rummel, ECU Space Grant Collaborative
1:10pm    Welcome to NC Space Grant                                                    
                                       Jobi Cook, NC Space Grant Associate Director
Space-Related Research and Education at ECU
1:40pm    Planet Earth and Its People, Remotely
                                                  Tom Allen, Geography / RENCI at ECU
1:50pm    Planet Ocean from Space Richard L. Miller, Geological Sciences
2:00pm    Precipitation Systems: The View from Space                             
                                                      Thomas M. Rickenbach, Geography
2:10pm    The Rock Record of a Living Planet                                           
                                                  Adriana Heimann, Geological Sciences
2:20pm    Understanding Precipitation Extremes from Space
                                                                        Scott Curtis, Geography
2:30pm    Chemistry and the Earth Environment
                                                   Siddhartha Mitra, Geological Sciences
2:40pm    Monsoons & Missions: Observing and Modeling Earth's Climate
                                                         Rosana Nieto Ferreira, Geography
2:50pm    Horizontal Gene Transfer in the Evolution of Life on Earth
                                                                          Jinling Huang, Biology
3:00pm    Go-Science and Space Exploration
                                      Roger Connor, Executive Director, GO-Science
3:10pm    Astrobiology: Life on Earth and Elsewhere?
                                                                Matthew O. Schrenk, Biology
3:20pm    Planetary Exploration without Contamination 13 John Rummel, ICSP
3:30pm    Engineering Opportunities with NASA                                        
                                                     O. Hayden Griffin, Chair, Engineering
3:40pm    Space Radiation and Exploration              Zi-Wei Lin, Physics
3:50pm    Space Related Research in the BSM
                                               John Meredith, Brody School of Medicine
4:00pm    Human Perception in Space                                                      
                                    Cynthia Bickley-Green, School of Art and Design
4:10pm    Astronomy and Science Education
                                               Sharon Schleigh, Mathematics, Science,
                                                      and Instructional Technology Education
4:20pm    Additional Discussion/Questions
4:30pm    Adjourn


2nd Session, 4 February 2011
12:30pm, Mendenhall 244

This second session will focus on student opportunities with the East Carolina Space Grant Collaborative, and feature three different “meet and greet” periods for students to meet with Collaborative faculty, face-to-face.

12:30pm  Soft Drinks and Snacks Available for Attendees

1:00pm    Welcome and Introductions
                                               John D. Rummel, ICSP (Campus Director)

1:05pm    Overview of ECU Space Grant Consortium and educational/
research/scholarship opportunities available
John Rummel

Student Opportunities in Space-Related Research and Education at ECU

1:20pm    Student opportunities in the Geological Sciences
Sid Mitra, Geological Sciences
1:30pm    Student opportunities in Astrobiology and Biology
                                                                            Matt Schrenk, Biology
1:40pm    Student opportunities in Geography
                                                                 Tom Allen, Geography (et al.)
1:50pm    Student opportunities in Math, Science, and Instructional
Technology Education                        Sharon Schleigh, MSITE

2:00pm    Student opportunities in Engineering and Computer Science
                                                                    Hayden Griffin, Engineering

Student Meetings with Potential ECU Sponsors

2:10pm    First Rotation

2:25pm    Second Rotation

2:40pm    Third Rotation

2:55pm    Question Time

3:00pm    Adjourn