North Carolina Space Grant Symposium
Remote Sensing @ East Carolina University

A series of short talks by faculty and students highlighting the important role of
remote sensing for Earth observations.
Tuesday, April 19th, 2011

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Dr. Tom Allen Introduction- "Where in the World?"
Dr. Tom Allen Overview and opportunities for remote sensing research and study in NC Space Grant and ECU Space Grant Collaborative
Dr. Scott Curtis “The Flying Rain Gauge: Observing Earth's Precipitation with Satellites"
Mr. Rich Curran "The Utility of Digital Globe’s WorldView‐2 Satellite Remote Sensing Data in
Mapping Seagrass in the Turbid Waters of North Carolina Estuaries"
Dr. Rick Miller “Monitoring North Carolina's Dynamic Coastal Waters: A View from Space"
Dr. J.P. Walsh “Observing Estuarine Shoreline Dynamics from Balloon Aerial Photography”