North Carolina Space Grant Symposium
Informal and Formal STEM Education@ East Carolina University

A series of short talks by faculty and students about the opportunities for STEM education and collaboration between formal and informal education in NC Space Grant and the ECU Space Grant Collaborative.
Thursday, May 26th, 2011

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Dr. Sharon Schleigh Informal and Formal STEM Education Introduction
Dr. Sharon Schleigh Pre-service Science Teachers in Informal Practicum Experiences
Dr. John Meredith Engineering in Summer Camps: Impacting Attitudes and Interests for Under‐represented Groups
Dr. Rhea Miles Reach Up: Increasing Science Fair Participation of Under‐represented Groups
Tim Messer Colorization and the Opportunity to Develop Creativity in a Science Classroom
Dr. John and Nancy Bray “A Time For Science” : An informal education opportunity that engages in partnerships with formal education to promote scientific literacy in our community.
Dr. Mary Farwell How to be a Pirate and Learn Some Science at the Same Time
Rebecca Jordan Planetarium Presentations: A Partnership Between Informal and Formal Education to Improve Interests in Science Careers