Our Events

Since the Inaugural Symposium in January 2011, the ECU Space Grant Collaborative has brought together students, ECU faculty and nationally acclaimed space science speakers in monthly lectures and symposia. See the following for photos, presentations and announcements of these events.

Inaugural Symposium January 27, 2011
Astrobiology Symposium March 28, 2011
Remote Sensing Symposium April 19, 2011
STEM Education Symposium May 26, 2011
Extreme Space Lecture with Dr. David Baker September 15, 2011
Astrobiology Symposium with Dr. Marilyn Fogel October 24, 2011
Life Support in Space with Dr. John Rummel December 1, 2011
NC Space Grant Annual Symposium

January 24, 2012

February 7, 2012

Engineering Research Symposium April 10, 2012
RESTEP to STEM Symposium April 25, 2012
NC Space Grant Annual Symposium January 14, 2013