Multidisciplinary Studies Major

About the Neuroscience Curriculum at ECU

The curriculum includes a strong core of required biology, chemistry, physics, and psychology courses, lab research experience in neuroscience, a two-semester capstone sequence, a two-semester thesis sequence, and many structured electives. The large selection of electives permits a student to learn about many neuroscience-related areas or to concentrate on a single area. This major naturally fits with minors in biology, chemistry, and psychology, but is quite adaptable to others outside of the natural sciences too. Seminars, lectures, and laboratory research experiences are designed to give students:

  1. An understanding of the molecular, cellular, biochemical, physiological mechanisms and processes underlying nervous system functioning, behavior, and psychological processes.
  2. A fundamental understanding of the basic scientific method and many of the basic research techniques used by neuroscientists.
  3. A major that is flexible enough for students to select courses for themselves which will prepare them for entering into advanced degree programs beyond or within ECU that offer MA, MS, PhD, or MD degrees. Advanced degrees are often needed in the following career areas when considering high-level positions:
  • Academia
  • Research
  • Medicine
  • Government
  • Private Industry

A bachelor's degree in neuroscience may also assist in occupations where employers do not require an advanced degree but prefer college-educated individuals with good analytical and problem-solving abilities. In so many ways the combination of psychology, biology, and chemistry courses with the foundations core of ECU, makes the neuroscience concentration a firm example of a liberal arts education. Contributing faculty are found in twelve departments within the Thomas Harriot College of Arts and Sciences, the Brody School of Medicine, the College of Allied Health, and the College of Health and Human Performance.

Students may earn either a BA or BS degree in Multidisciplinary Studies, with a concentration in Neuroscience. Interested students should contact Dr. Tran for an appointment to discuss all program requirements. In order to declare the major, a minimum GPA of 3.0 and 30 s.h. earned are required. You can download a PDF of the curriculum checksheet for the major here.
The courses listed in the curriculum checksheet as degree requirements may have prerequisites or corequisites that are not indicated. Please see the current catalog for details.