New Gun Law in N.C.

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New gun law to affect university campuses in North Carolina

Sept. 30, 2013

ECU News Services

In late July, Gov. Pat McCrory signed into law House Bill 937, which amended the state firearms laws. Included in the new legislation are provisions allowing persons with concealed carry handgun permits to bring their guns onto school campuses.

East Carolina University Police want to make sure the campus community knows and understands the following important points:

  • As of Oct. 1, the law allows a person with a valid concealed carry handgun permit to possess a handgun on educational property, provided that the weapon is in a locked container attached to a vehicle, such as a toolbox, or in any container in a locked vehicle.

  • The new law also applies at spectator events where vehicles are parked on campus property, such as football tailgating or concerts.

    Examples: If the weapon is in the glove box of a locked vehicle, and the owner has a concealed carry handgun permit, then he is compliant with the law. If the weapon is lying in the back of a locked SUV and is visible, even if the owner has a concealed carry handgun permit, he is not compliant. If a person with a concealed carry handgun permit has a shotgun in his vehicle, he is not complying with the law, even if the vehicle is locked.

  • The new legislation does not provide a provision for concealed carry handgun permit holders to assist law enforcement officers. The weapon must be in a container in a locked vehicle at all times.

  • For persons found in violation of the law, state and university sanctions could apply.

  • It remains against the law for those without concealed carry permits to possess a weapon on campus property.
The revised university regulation concerning weapons on campus is available at this website:

For specific questions concerning the new legislation on ECU’s campus, contact ECU Police at 737-7433.

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