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ECU awards $610,000 for faculty research

GREENVILLE, NC   (July 18, 2006)   —   East Carolina University’s Division of Research and Graduate Studies awarded nearly $610,000 in research development grants to 22 ECU professors this month.

The aim of the grants, said Paul Gemperline, associate vice chancellor for Research and Graduate Studies at ECU, is to provide researchers with the means to bolster preliminary research findings in an effort to apply for external grants.

“This award program is an important investment in making our faculty more competitive in major federal and private grant competitions,” said Deirdre Mageean, vice chancellor of the division of Research and Graduate Studies.

To date, six recipients from last year’s awards have received more than $1.1 million in external grants, most of them from the National Science Foundation.

This year, the grant program received a one-time increase of $109,000 to total $609,342. The additional funds provided four additional awards.

Recipients are:

• Allison Danell, professor of chemistry, received $19,414 for her project: Determining Biomolecule Structure during Electrospray Ionization Mass Spectrometry Analysis.

• Charles Ewen, professor of anthropology, received $24,900 for his project: Historic Bath Archaeological Survey.

• Carol Goodwillie, professor of biology, received $17,949 for her project: Development of Ludwigia as a model system for the study of plant mating system evolution

• Timothy Jenks, professor of history, received $15,126 for his project: Illumination festivity and urban politics in late-Georgian Britain, 1780-1830

• D. Elizabeth Jesse, professor of family & community nursing, received $33,351 for her project: Insight-Plus: A Cognitive Behavioral Intervention Pilot Study for Pregnant African-American and Caucasian Low-Income Women with Depressive Symptoms

• Laxmansa C. Katwa, professor of physiology, received $40,000 for her project: Role of PRAR-y agonists in Myocardial Infarction and remodeling

• Alan P. Kypson, professor of surgery, received $24,738 for his project: Cardiothoracic Effects of Cardiopulmonary Bypass on Adult Stem Cell Transplantation

• Scott A. Lecce, professor of geography, received $24,354 for his project: Mercury Contamination of Floodplain Sediments from Historic Gold Mining in North Carolina

• Isabelle Lemasson, professor of microbiology & immunology, received $25,000 for her project: Disruption of histone deacteylase complexes function by the viral oncoprotein Tax during Human T-cell Leukemia Virus type-1 infection

• David Mallinson, professor of geology, received $39,766 for his project: New Data Acquisition for Defining the Evolution of the NC Coastal System and Quaternary Sea Level Change

• Seema Modi, professor of family medicine, received $24,941 for her project: Feeding Tube Educational Video Pilot; an effort to improve informed consent and to minimize inappropriate feeding tube placement

• Barbara Muller-Borer, professor of Internal Medicine, received $40,000 for her project: Role of Thymosin β4 in Stem Cell Engraftment and Myocardial Tissue Regeneration

• Suezanne T. Orr, professor of health education and promotion, received $5,994 for her project: Depressive Symptoms and Preterm Birth Among Black and White Women

• Everett C. Pesci, professor of microbiology and immunology, received $25,000 for his project: Synthesis and Bioactivity of the Pseudomonas Quinolone Signal

• Nathan Richards, professor of history (maritime studies), received $39,986 for his project: The Ferrous Shipbuilding Tradition: A Comparative Nautical Anatomy.

• Catherine A. Rigsby, professor of geology, received $15,635 for her project: Reconstruction of the Late Quatemary History of Amazon Cli


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