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Physician assistant studies students create health promotion kits

GREENVILLE, N.C.   (July 13, 2007)   —   Students in East Carolina University's Physician Assistant Student Society recently traveled to a national conference with extra luggage and goodwill: donated health kits.

Before departing for the American Academy of Physician Assistants National Conference in Philadelphia, students Catherine Santello and Laurie Wright mobilized the ECU PA Class of 2008 to participate in the Student Academy of American Academy of Physician Assistants annual philanthropic project. This year's project was to create and distribute health promotion kits for the Esperanza Community Health Clinic.

The clinic was founded in 1987 by medical professionals to meet the health needs of the Latino community in Philadelphia. Each student organization was challenged to assemble 15 kits for either children, prenatal or diabetic foot care needs. Groups were given a list of items the clinic desired and asked to provide at least travel sizes of every item and that they fit into a single gallon-sized plastic bag.

ECU students and a few faculty members surpassed the goal and provided 26 kits: 10 diabetic foot care kits, nine prenatal kits and seven child kits. The kits weighed more than 70 pounds and filled three suitcases.

"We are thankful for everyone who participated, and especially commend Catherine and Laurie for all of their hard work and elbow grease," said Blair Holloway, ECU PA Class of 2008 president.

Santello and Wright served as representatives to the SAAAPA House of Delegates and Assembly of Representatives respectively.


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