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Cokie Roberts speaks at '100 Incredible Women' event

GREENVILLE, NC   (Oct. 18, 2007)   —   Political commentator and news analyst Cokie Roberts wove stories from her own family—her mother was the first woman from Louisiana elected to Congress—with those of trail-blazing women from American history during her Oct. 17 visit to Greenville.

Hosted by the Women’s Roundtable at East Carolina University, “A Legacy of Leadership: One Hundred Incredible ECU Women” honored 100 alumnae recognized by their peers as outstanding leaders in their respective fields. The categories were public service, performing arts, fine arts, business and industry, sports, education, health sciences, media, professional and research.

“These women being honored here today are remarkable women in every field,” Roberts said before her speech. Earlier in the day, Roberts met on campus with 24 students from the College of Fine Arts & Communication, the Thomas Harriot College of Arts & Sciences, College of Education and College of Business.

Dr. James Bearden director of the BB&T Center for Leadership helped organize the Q&A session with Roberts for the students.

“The students asked good questions about her career, politics, women’s roles and opportunities in American politics and society in general, and the upcoming presidential election,” Bearden said. “They enjoyed hearing her talk about her father, and later, her mother serving in Congress. Her political background along with her news analysis made her a wonderful speaker for this event and for the students.”

Approximately 800 people attended the event at the Greenville Convention Center.

The Women’s Roundtable works to advance ECU’s role as a force for enhancing the health care, cultural, educational and economic climate of the region and state.

An Emmy Award-winning journalist, Roberts is a senior news analyst for National Public Radio, where she won the Edward R. Murrow Award, and a political commentator for ABC News. She has covered the U.S. Congress, politics and policy for 15 years.

Roberts is also the author of the national bestseller “We Are Our Mother’s Daughters” and “Founding Mothers: The Women Who Raised Our Nation.” Published in 2004, the book explores the lives of the women behind the men who wrote the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence.

The 100 alumnae of ECU honored are as follows:

Alison H. Atkins, Performing Arts

Irene F. Bailey, Fine Arts

Edna Earle Baker, Public Service

Judy B. Baker, Public Service

Cassandra D. Bell, Fine Arts

Lisa D. Benton, Business/Industry

Margaret E. Bishop, Fine Arts

Rebecca Y. Bloxam, Education

Emily S. Boyce, Education

Carolyn J. Breedlove, Education

Susan C. Brooks, Business/Industry

Suzanne J. Brooks, Business/Industry

Judith H. Budacz, Education

Lisa R. Callahan, Sports

Shirley A. Carraway, Education

E. Carol Carrere, Education

Madge S. Chamness, Health Sciences

Gloria A. Chance, Business/Industry

Joyce G. Cherry, Education

Maggy M. Costandy, Business/Industry

Beverly Cox, Fine Arts

Michele C. Daenzer-Sapp, Business/Industry

Nancy W. Darden, Public Service

Deborah C. Davis, Health Sciences

Jane M. Dillard, Performing Arts

Patricia C. Dunn, Public Service

Linda R. Edwards, Health Sciences

Laura L. Elliott, Public Service

Susan W. Engelkemeyer, Education

Janet P. Ennis, Media

LaRue M. Evans, Public Service

Beth G. Everett, Business/Industry

Janice H. Faulkner, Public Service

Pansie Hart Flood, Fine Arts

Barbara B. Fore


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