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Brody Class of 2009 graduates

Emily White receives her hood from Dr. Virginia Hardy and Randall Renegar. Photo by Cliff Hollis
GREENVILLE, N.C.   (May 11, 2009)   —   Dr. Paul Cunningham presided over his first convocation as dean of the Brody School of Medicine at East Carolina University Saturday, as 65 medical graduates entered the next phase of their careers.

"Like those who came before you, you will work hard," Cunningham to the graduates gathered early in the morning at Wright Auditorium. "We look forward to hearing from you and celebrating your successes in years to come."

Dr. Tom Irons, professor of pediatrics director of ECU's Generalist Physician Program and associate vice chancellor for regional health services, was the featured speaker. He turned the lectern nearly 90 degrees so he could better see the graduates as he spoke to them and reminded them to be, in the words of the old restaurant paper placemat of prayers, "ever mindful of the needs of others."

Irons, addressing a class of graduates for the third time in his 28 years on the ECU faculty, more than any other convocation speaker, brought up some issues facing medicine, such as malpractice concerns, quality and indigent care, and encouraged the graduates to stay true to the desire to help others.

He illustrated that with a story from his past, when he cleaned the dry, crusty mouth of a near-comatose boy while an Army doctor in Germany a quarter-century ago, then ran into the patient last year in an unexpected but joyful reunion.

"Whatever the problems, it's still the best job in the world," Irons said.

Graduate Ryan Murray thanked families and friends who have supported the medical students during their education and noted the number of graduates who have become engaged, married or had children while in medical school. Murray did all three.

Earlier in the week, the medical school held its annual recognition and awards event. Following are award recipients:

Brody Scholars: Brad Evans, Laurie Green, Emilie Pendley

N.C. Schweitzer Fellows: Marie Rowe, Paige Clark, Rachel Simpson, Shelby Kaplan, Brooke Chalk

Albert Schweitzer Lambarene Fellows: Marie Rowe, Nicolaus Glomb

Tiana Nicole Williams Memorial Award: Velvet Patterson

Society of Academic Emergency Medicine Excellence in Emergency Medicine Award: Shelby Kaplan

George Podgorny Award: Daren Beam

Frisell Research Award: Heath Jones<

NCAFP Blair Leadership Award: Kyle Geissler

Edgar T. Beddingfield Jr. M.D. Family Medicine Award: Katherine Bray Strickland

Excellence in Medical Humanities Award: Crysten Brinkley

Outstanding Contribution to Medical Humanities: Laurie Green, Katie Williams

Internal Medicine Best Student in Medicine Award: Jeremy Kilburn, Laura Nasrallah

Jacob Furth Student Research Award: Joshua Porter

Eugene D. Furth M.D. Award: Laura Nasrallah

Microbiology and Immunology Award: Clint McNabb

Ruth A. Carson Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine Award: Crysten Brinkley, David McNabb, Laura Nasrallah

William E. Laupus Pediatric Award: Lindsay Roofe

Jon B. Tingelstad Pediatric Award: Nicolaus Glomb

Vivian N. Barnes Award: Katherine Bray Strickland

Phillip G. Nelson Award: Mandrill Taylor

AMWA Malene Irons Award: Velvet Patterson

James Mathis Award: Jonathan Scarff

Faculty Award: Laura Nasrallah

Class Appreciation Award: Kyle Geissler

Basic Science Course Award: Pharmacology

Clinical Science Course Award: Surgery

Alpha Omega Alpha members: Chrysten Brinkley, Chris Bullers, Brooke Chalk, Bryan Dunn, Ryan Holland, Shelby Kaplan, Jeremy Kilburn, Clint McNabb, Adnan Mustafa, Laura Nasrallah, Joshua Porter, Lindsay Roofe.

The following faculty members, residents and departments also received awards from the class: Drs. David Taylor, Claudia Goettler, Hubert Burden, M.J. Barchman, John Leonard, John Christie, Jim Coleman, Joshua Woelk and Harry Adams. Private physicians Rob Turner and Robert Shaw also received awards.


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