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NCDOT grant to fund ECU study on tire/pavement noise

GREENVILLE, N.C.   (Aug. 7, 2009)   —   Three East Carolina University faculty members have been awarded a two-year grant from the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) to examine tire/pavement noise on state roadways.

The $218,000 grant will fund a project led by George Wang, Gazan Bozai and Yuhong Wang from ECU’s Department of Construction Management. The results will be included in a nationwide database on noise modeling for future comprehensive study on mitigating traffic noise.

Beginning in mid-August, the ECU researchers will collect, analyze and document noise data for different types of pavement throughout the state. Based on the collected data and analysis, the best pavement type(s) may be determined for future use near noise-sensitive areas along highways in North Carolina or for the development of quieter pavement.  

“We are very excited East Carolina University has become an active partner with the North Carolina Department of Transportation,” said George Wang, a Construction Management professor and the principal investigator on the grant. “At the completion of this grant, our intention, along with the DOT, is to help make our highways and roadways safer, more efficient and reduce the amount of noise occurring due to increased traffic volume.”

Traffic noise is a major issue associated with the design and construction of new transportation systems and the improvement of existing systems. Noise can be detrimental to human health. It has been known to cause hearing impairment, sleep disturbance, cardiovascular effects, psycho-physiological effects, psychiatric symptoms, myocardial infection and impact fetal development.

“We continue to pursue engagement opportunities throughout our state and region,” said David White, dean of the ECU College of Technology and Computer Science. “This project delivers a sustainable approach to developing innovative solutions while increasing environmental and financial efficiency to the citizens of North Carolina at the same time.”

The NCDOT is currently participating in the Federal Highway Administration Tire/Pavement Noise Research Consortium with California, Kansas, Minnesota, Montana, Ohio, Texas and Washington.

For more information about this press release or to set up an interview, please contact Chris Stansbury, communications coordinator for the College of Technology and Computer Science at (252) 328-9600.


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