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ECU students study abroad

(Aug. 10, 1994)   —   While most East Carolina University students are preparing for a fall semester of study in eastern North Carolina, 46 other ECU students are making plans for classes in other states and nations.
The students are participating in exchange programs with campuses in the United States and in other countries. And while the ECU students are away, students from other U.S. and foreign universities will attend classes here.
The exchanges are administered under the National Student Exchange (NSE) and International Student Exchange Program (ISEP).
“The advantage is in expanding the student’s horizons and getting access to courses that may not be taught at their regular campuses,” said Stephanie Evancho of the ECU International Programs Center.
Under the terms of the program, the students pay an application fee and their regular tuition at home. They pay room and board fees charged by the schools they attend.
The ECU students get credit for the hours they complete at the other campuses and the credit counts towards their graduation at ECU.
The countries receiving the ECU students include England, Australia, Sweden, France and Mexico. In addition, students will sign on for classes at universities in more than a dozen other states and U.S. territories.
International exchange students coming to ECU are from twelve U.S. campuses and from Argentina, England, France, Finland and the Netherlands.