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White Coat Ceremony

Phillip Michael Hobbs was one of 72 members of the class of 2010 at the Brody School of Medicine who donned their white coats for the first time on Aug. 11. He is helped into his white coat by Dr. M.J. Barchman, associate professor of internal medicine, who addressed the new medical students about the importance of earning trust as a physician. Hobbs, like 19 of his new classmates, earned his undergraduate degree at ECU; he also earned a master’s degree in public health at ECU. The 37 men and 35 women in the class range in age from 21 to 31 and are all North Carolina residents with 32 counties of residence listed. This was the sixth annual White Coat Ceremony for ECU’s medical school. During the event, the students donned their white coats – the mantle of the medical profession – and recited the Oath of Hippocrates for the first time. (Photo by Cliff Hollis)
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