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Krupa Receives Honorary Military Title

East Carolina University School of Nursing assistant professor Karen Krupa was recently appointed honorary lieutenant junior grade in the U.S. Navy Nurse Corps.


Krupa first became an honorary Navy nurse in 1996 after an RN/BSN nurse graduate nominated her. Krupa, who is director of undergraduate student services in the School of Nursing, had helped the student navigate the process of earning a bachelor’s degree in nursing while serving in the Navy. Krupa regularly advises military students in nursing school. The most recent “promotion” in the Navy nurse corps came this year upon recommendation of another Navy student whom Krupa advised.

“It’s really kind of special having grown up with an Air Force dad who was active duty,” said Krupa, who was born in South Carolina and lived in six states and Japan before attending nursing school at ECU. While Krupa never served in the armed forces, her dad is now retired and her brother is a major general. “It’s nice to be recognized for all the paperwork. All the i’s and t’s have to be crossed.”

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