Therapy dogs provide study break at ECU's Joyner Library

East Carolina University's Joyner Library offers a few extras every year during exam week to help students make it through long hours of studying. This year, those extras came in the form of some warm, fuzzy hugs from three therapy dogs. 

Teaming with Pet Partners (formerly the North Carolina Delta Society), library administration offered relaxation with a bonus. Argyle, a Westie owned by Abbie Brown and Sharon Loy's Schnauzer named Calli visited Joyner students on April 26th. JJ, a Boxer, and owner Lori Nease and Kati Soleil's Spinone Italianos Olive and Grimaldi entertained students on May 1. Sara Akin and her pooch Callie visited on May 2.  

Interaction with the dogs was expected to help students relax and enjoy a break from the rigors of exams. Snacks and drinks were provided as well. (Photos by Cliff Hollis)

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