The Office for Equity and Diversity sponsors various initiatives throughout the academic year with the goal of maintaining and advancing ECU's diverse and inclusive environment. 


As we endeavor to meet our commitment stated in the university’s strategic plan to “maximize student success”, including that “we will reflect a global workplace and society by diversifying our faculty, staff and students”, the building of our future faculty is one of the most important investments we can make as a community. The university is also committed to leading regional transformation, including that "we will dramatically expand ECU’s research enterprise by investing in the people, tools and facilities needed to conduct mission-driven research”. Accordingly, intentional efforts toward diversifying our faculty through recruitment and retention programs are critical. 

The Office for Equity and Diversity, through the unit’s diversity and inclusion efforts and affirmative action program, introduces the Recruiting and Retaining a Diverse Faculty Initiative, with two support programs:Visiting Faculty and Scholars and the Diversity and Inclusion Research Associates.
* Priority will be granted to academic areas with two consecutive years of Equal Employment Opportunity Plan goals.

Faculty members interested in the Recruiting and Retaining a Diverse Faculty Initiative may contact Toya Jacobs or Amy Waters in the Office for Equity and Diversity at (252) 328-6804.

The Visiting Faculty and Scholars (VFS) program

The Visiting Faculty and Scholars (VFS) program is a faculty program that is designed to: (1) assist units in bringing in qualified diverse visiting faculty and emerging scholars to conduct research and/or present on topics related to inclusion, equity, diversity, and cultural competence; (2) support progress in meeting ECU Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Plan goals; (3) increase the presence of diverse faculty; and (4) assist units with developing plans to identify pipelines for diverse faculty recruitment. An increase in the number of individuals within a diverse scholar talent pool with knowledge of our university may strengthen the university’s competitive posture in faculty recruitment. Recipients of funding must agree to the development of a long-term strategic diversity recruitment plan designed to increase faculty diversity to include, at a minimum, one year of active implementation of the recruitment plan and assessment of those efforts. The VFS program will also include an educational component, including presentations by the recipient to share information related to their recruitment plan with those in their unit and college and workshops facilitated by the Office for Equity and Diversity for the recipient’s unit designed to support diverse and equitable recruitment results. The Visiting Faculty and Scholars program is intended to support a brief visiting opportunity and is not intended to provide funds for a regular employee appointment. Similarly, the Visiting Faculty and Scholars program does not guarantee a future employer/employee hire for the unit or the scholar. 

Diversity and Inclusion Research Associates (DIRA) Program

The Diversity and Inclusion Research Associates (DIRA) program is a faculty retention program that is designed to: (1) engage ECU faculty in research related to diversity, equity, inclusion and cultural competence; (2) provide ECU faculty with the institutional support they need to conduct research; and (3) support the retention of ECU faculty. An increase in the support for faculty research/scholarly/creative work may increase faculty tenure and promotion, retention and advancement. The DIRA program was established to further the goal to cultivate a climate of global citizenship and to provide opportunities for faculty to incorporate diversity and inclusion dimensions into their teaching, scholarly research and programs. The DIRA program will provide ECU faculty with financial support (buy-out funds) to conduct research in the areas of diversity, equity, inclusion and cultural competence. This retention program also provides professional development and other support to faculty involved in diversity research. The program emphasizes the development, support, and success of tenure-track faculty. Tenured faculty members in the program will mentor tenure-track faculty members in the program.