Office of Environmental Health & Safety
Basic Rules of Personal Safety



* Do not leave your wallet, purse, briefcase, recorder, laptop computer, or cellular phone unattended or in plain view inside your vehicle.

* Keep your vehicle locked. Have your keys ready when you return to your vehicle. Look around the area and under your vehicle as you approach.

* If you are out at night, walk or park in well-lighted areas or call the ECU Police Department for an escort, 328-6787 on the Main Campus; 744-2246 on the Health Sciences Campus.

* Keep your vehicle in good running order and have at least a quarter tank of gas at all times.

* Keep your vehicle doors locked and windows rolled up at least part of the way, no matter how short the distance you're driving or how safe the neighborhood.

* Don't stop to help other motorists; call for help for them at your earliest convenience.

* Stay alert. Keep your mind on your surroundings-who's in front of you and who's behind you. Don't get distracted. If you're worried about crime, ask a friend to accompany you when you go out.

* Communicate the message that you are calm, confident, and know where you're going. Stand tall, walk purposefully, and make quick eye contact with people around you.

* Trust your instincts. If you feel uncomfortable in a place or situation, leave. * If you see anything suspicious or unusual on campus, call the ECU Police.

* Remember, if you have an emergency or need a response for any type of emergency service, on the Main Campus, call 911 or 328-6150. On the Health Sciences Campus, call 744-2246.


Emergency call boxes located around campus have direct lines to the ECU Police Department. You will see that the call boxes have a blue light on top. To operate these call boxes, use the general rule of thumb:

If it has a receiver, pick it up. If it has a button, push it.

To use the phone, push the button or pick up the receiver. You will be connected to the ECU Police Department.