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 ECU Launches LiveSafe, a mobile safety app, today!

Emergency Preparedness

Emergency Information Reference Manual 2018

The Emergency Information Reference Manual contains emergency contact information and guides describing actions to take in response to various emergencies.  Staff and faculty should print the Manual and keep a copy handy as a reference in case of an emergency.

Topics covered: SafeRide, Bomb Threat, Crime-In-Progress, Civil Disturbance, Fire / Explosion, Shelter-in-Place, Active Assailant (Shooter) / Violent Intruder, Hazardous Spills / Gas Leaks, Suspicious Packages or Substances, Suspicious Activity or Behavior, Adver Weather Conditions, Medical Emergency, and Building / System Failure. 

Pirate Safety Guide

Hazard Specific Guides

Hazardous Materials Related Emergencies:

Suspicious Package or Substance
Hazardous Spills and Gas Leaks

Facilities Related Emergencies:


Physical Threat Related Emergencies:

Basic Rules of Personal Safety
Acts of Violence or Active Shooter
Bomb Threat
Crime in Progress

Weather and Environmental Disaster Related Emergencies:


Quick Reference Posters

Use the campus-specific quick reference posters to display emergency action procedures in your building. Use the poster as a quick reference for appropriate emergency action procedures to take in response to an emergency.

Main Campus
Health Sciences Campus
West Research Campus

Weather Resources

Preparedness is the key in dealing with any weather hazard. The university sends National Weather Service issued tornado warnings via the ECU Alert system. The ability to react appropriately to the warning means having a plan before the warning is issued.  Click here for more information about weather resources.