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 ECU Launches LiveSafe, a mobile safety app, today!

Important Telephone Numbers

ECU Police (Main Campus) 328-6787 
ECU Police (Health Sciences Campus)  744-2246 
Emergency  911 
Emergency Health Sciences Campus  9-911 
If using cellular phone  328-6150 
ECU Police Non-emergency   328-6787
Hearing-Impaired Line (TDD)  328-4827 
Crime Prevention  744-2421 
Campus Emergency  Information Hotline 328-0062 
ECU School of Medicine Hotline  744-5080 or 744-5181 
Facilities Services ( to report property damage or utility outage )   328-6776
Environmental Health and Safety   328-6166 
Parking and Transportation Services  328-6294 
Radiation Safety Office  744-2418 
Biological Safety Office  744-3437 
REAL Crises Center  758-4357 
Student Health Service  328-6841 
Student Counseling Center  328-6661 
ECU Transit  328-2871 (ECU-BUS1) 
University Housing  328-4663 
Greenville Fire & Rescue  329-4390 
PCMH Ambulance Service  816-4455 
Greenville Police Department   830-3937 
NC Highway Patrol  752-6118 
(after 5:00 p.m.)  1-800-441-6127 
Pitt County Sheriff's Office  830-4141 
Pitt County Memorial Hospital Emergency  816-4461