Teaching Awards
East Carolina University offers the following annual, university-wide teaching awards:
  • Board of Governors Award for Excellence in Teaching is awarded in the spring by the University of North Carolina Board of  Governors. One such award is given for East Carolina University. East Carolina University recognizes the recipient at its end of spring semester teaching awards ceremony, at spring commencement, and at fall convocation. This award is supported from state funds provided by the Board of Governors.

  • Board of Governors Distinguished Professor for Teaching Award is presented at the teaching awards ceremony at the close of the spring semester. Six such awards are given by ECU. These awards are supported  by the Board of Governors from state funds.

  • East Carolina Alumni Association Outstanding Teaching Awards are awarded at the teaching awards ceremony at the close of the spring semester. Three such awards are presented. These awards are supported by  alumni contributions.

  • The Robert L. Jones Award for Outstanding Teaching is awarded at the teaching awards ceremony at the close of the spring semester. This award is provided by ECU alumnus, Mr. Robert L Jones.

  • Max Ray Joyner Award for Outstanding Teaching in Distance Education is awarded at the close of the spring semester. There is one such award. This award is supported from endowment funds given by Max Ray  Joyner.

A committee selected for that purpose chooses recipients for each award category. The initial announcement of these award competitions is made in the spring semester to encourage early selection of nominees by the nominating unit. Nominations are due on September 15 (or the next business day if the 15th falls on a weekend). The portfolios necessary for consideration for each award are due November 1 (or the next business day if the 1st falls on a weekend).

Beginning with the 2015-2016 awards, nominations and portfolios will be submitted online. The nomination procedures vary somewhat. Some awards are submitted by the unit or college; others are open nomination. See the information for each award. The nomination form link will be provided on this site beginning in May of 2015.

A full description of each category is available by clicking on the name of the award, and this chart compares eligibility and application requirements. For any questions, please contact the Office for  Faculty Excellence (1001 Joyner Library) or the Faculty Senate Office (Rawl Annex 140).

          SOIS Template for Nomination Portfolio              SPOTS Template for Nomination Portfolio