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    Operation LINK is an AmeriCorps mentoring program to support children of military families in eastern North Carolina. The goal of the after school program is to reduce those risk factors that may adversely affect children's behaviors and success in school. The program is a military/non-military partnership composed of military family support networks, veteran groups, ECU, community colleges, schools, and Boys & Girls Clubs in Wayne County.
  2. Program activities are designed to build mentor-to-student support teams and student-to-student support teams. The four major components include:
    1. the CAMP mentoring curriculum to link child to family and school;
    2. web-based virtual robots to link child and family to deployed parent;
    3. Super Saturday community service projects to link child to family and community; and
    4. Summer Camps to continue to link child to family, community, and deployed parent.
  3. One hundred seventy-four members (24 half-time and 150 minimum-time) will mento approximately 2,000 military and non-military children, grades 4-8, after school, on Saturdays, and in summer camps.
    1. Half-time members provide 900 hours of service in a twelve-month period and receive a living allowance of $450 per month. At the end of their year of service, mentors are eligible to receive the Segal AmeriCorps Education Award in the amount of $2,775.
    2. Minimum-time members provide 300 hours of service and receive a Segal AmeriCorps Education Award in the amount of $1,175.